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Author Topic: Looking to arrange a punt  (Read 1028 times)

Offline Kram

Due to a few financial constriants of late I haven't been able to punt since I broke my punting virginity

Now these constraints are out the way looking to go for punt two either today or tomorrow

Had a look on aw and couldn't see anyone local who took my fancy and since my first punt was with an agency and was pretty good I thought I'd go that route again


Found sasha from Uzbekistan by all accounts

100ph ? Any advice ??

Offline LL

I would be very cautious of using that agency.  Looks to good to be true.  I did a reverse image search on one of the girls pictures - Carmen - the photos are taken from a modelling agency in Canada called flashy babes - you can see the same pics here with the "flashy babes" branding...


Use tineye.com to search for more stolen pics if you like but this was enough to put me off.

Offline Kram

I didnt book in the end with that girl I thought it looked suspicious after further investigation

Hi Kram, if your punts are few and far between then a bit more planning would pay off. Lining up an unknown WG at a small/unknown agency with only 24-48h to go is a bit risky.

Most people here would recommend independents on AW and you can find reviews in the London review board.

If you give enough notice people here on the board are happy to offer advice if you can outline what you're looking for  :hi:

Offline Kram

Yeah it was kinda a last minute thing ended up seeing a girl and posted a review

Glad it went well for you with Lipsy. katieslovelyescorts seems to have 0 field reports on auto-censored, shows no face pics and when the receptionist "recommends" someone it can be risky, but it went well for you so congrats :thumbsup:

Offline Kram

I'm 2 for 2 on good punts from agency's ...I'm thinking my luck won't last long

Offline LL

I'm 2 for 2 on good punts from agency's ...I'm thinking my luck won't last long
I don't have anything against agencies in general.  There are a couple I have used and I trust.  The thing is that you'll end up paying more money than if you just found a girl through AW or somewhere else.  The other problem is that most of the agencies display heavily photoshopped images of the girls on their website (not just to make them look prettier but also slimming them down, giving them bigger breasts, etc), so you never know exactly what you're getting until you turn up for your punt.  Photoshopping seems to be less common for WGs who are "independent" (and in this definition I'm including the ones who present themselves as being independent but are really part of a group and / or pimped but don't work for an agency).

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