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Author Topic: hot sara79 adultwork (anyone seen her?)  (Read 941 times)

Offline Jason


Has anyone seen hot sara79?
And if yes, could you please provide some comments/details about her?

Well, normally I would have dismissed such a profile immediately, but I cannot stay completely unmoved to the overnight offer for £300(incall) or £355 (outcall). So if she is really the girl in the pictures it will be a good value for money for a multi-hour meeting. I really don’t know whether I should take the risk to arrange a meeting with her and also I am not that much excited by her appearance.

Personally, when I am punting in UK I almost always choose either adultwork girls with some feedback (even as few as 2-3 positive ratings) or high class escorts with personal websites as I feel safer that way. Still when I am abroad I usually take risks (which usually pay off) as for many countries there is no such large pool of escort reviews and feedback as for UK (nb. not even in the country's native language).

Anyway, here is my thinking process and reservations about things that I found suspicious in her profile. First she hides her ratings. Although the rating score is zero there might have been a neutral feedback stating something bad (like timewaster or so). Also her profile is very short text-wise and there are only 6 free pictures (3 in the profile page + 3 in the gallery).  Especially the latter makes me concerning whether she is the girl in the pictures. The fact that she has uploaded a verification picture means nothing to me. Usually I am more convinced by the sheer quantity of the pictures in the free gallery (at least 20) or whenever the girl is having a picture with her holding a piece of paper with her adultwork account name and number handwritten. Also she states she is 24 but at the same time her profile name is sara79, suggesting a possible inspiration from her real year of birth (1979) thus in fact being 34 (i.e she falsely states she is 10 years younger - common prossie logic lol). Not though a big issue if she is in her 30s, provided she is the woman in the pictures and the pictures are accurate (given also the fact that in the flesh most girls usually look better than in a non-retouched photo).

Tony Montana

Why not book her for 30 mins and if genuine, extend it.

Offline Jimmyredcab

I see she describes herself as a SUPERMODEL, I think that is open to debate.    :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Offline Jason

Why not book her for 30 mins and if genuine, extend it.

Well this is what I was thinking to do in case I don’t get any answer here.
In any case if I book this escort it will be an outcall as her incall location is Heathrow and because anyway I usually prefer “playing home than away”. So if I proceed with her I will apply the following: (i) book her for outcall in a large hotel for 1h with conditional extension to more hours or overnight provided she is genuine and good (ii) arrange the meeting place to be the hotel lobby , (iii) tell her that if she is not the girl in the pictures I will not be able to recognise her so I will not make any move to reveal myself – thus if she is not the girl in the pictures it is a bit unlikely to risk to travel all the way from Heathrow to a hotel in central London for a no show (nb. usually I can understand from the reaction whether she is genuine or not), (iv) if despite all that she so audacious (or desperate) and decides to “play with the fire” , I always have a plan B (one of my regular escorts obviously). Of course there is usually a strong probability in cases that the pictures are fake the girl to still be a very attractive woman (and she doesn’t post her real pictures for reasons of privacy of her personal life).

Chubby & pleasant looking with hidden feedback ?  Not a chance !!

It sounds like you have a pragmatic plan, Jason. I think that's wise because in essence it's an unknown EE WG with hidden feedback but is priced just low enough for a punter to suspend their intuition. But having low expectations can sometime be a good thing. Good luck  :thumbsup:

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