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Author Topic: Barracuda busted  (Read 1025 times)

Offline NIK

I wonder if this will lead to other 'agencies' going?
Having said that I can think of just 3/4 which have been busted and closed down in the years since I've been using them and others have continued to thrive and even increase.

However what is certain is that there are many others such as Barracuda.

Many of these so called 'high class escort agencies' are merely fronts for seedy, mostly foreign pimps and criminals.

As Jimmy often says anyone can set up an agency. All you need is a phone and a few girls. Even a website, although desirable, isn't essential. Private transport is also desirable in the provinces, although not in London.

Offline softlad

60k in the safe! Someones obviously booking these £200ph 'prossies'
Just shows when you think of trafficking and girls forced into the industry against their will, you naturally think it is the lower so called seedy end of the market.
Not the case here.

Offline Shade

I've never used that agency, but looking back at there fr's there's quite a few negative ones, which suggest the girl wasn't happy to be there. Which is odd as from the message boards I thought Barracuda had a decent enough reputation. I obviously don't believe everything I read in the press, but it does seem like quite a bleak situation for the women involved - but is it possible that some girls were trafficked and others working there by their own choice? And wasn't the highly esteemed Nicoletta one of their girls?

Sorry for all the questions (and the meandering nature of the above), I'd just like to think that not everyone on their books was held against their will, as otherwise it's a pretty huge revelation about trafficking in London...

Their website's still up. And one or two of the girls I've seen on there for years are still there.

Better get on to Knacker about this.....

Offline Jerry

It appears to be quite easy for any willing girl to join most London agency and they don't seem too fussy about who they take on providing the girl looks OK, is willing to work and happy with the commission structure ...

It is well possible some pimps joined their trafficked girls to this agency without Barracuda's knowledge ... having seen a few in their current catalogue, I am absolutely convinced these at least were not trafficked !! ;)

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