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Author Topic: Danni of Basildon  (Read 2273 times)

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Offline cockneyboy

Came across an ad in my local rag - www.theparadiselounge.co.uk

Was working out that way so checked to see what girl was working on that day (thursday)

was told it was Danni, so i gave it a go

Fantastic girl, proper English milf type, very tall and dark hair, and gave a proper gfe with lots of kissing

all in all a very enjoyable punt and very smart clean flat with shower facilities that i was allowed to use afterwards, as this was our summer day  :thumbsup:

Offline Jimmyredcab

Poxy web-site with poxy pictures ----------------- not for me but pleased you had a good time.  :hi:

Offline barney

think was probably Nikkis in Pitsea?

Still there I think under different name, don't think they actively promote parlour as such like they used to, but girls seem to go on AW as individuals and not linked to 'parlour'
What's happening to all the parlours around Basildon / Southend?

Offline aspire

raided and closed down by the looks of it

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