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Author Topic: good parlour  (Read 1004 times)

Off up to Newcastle this weekend on stag do. Anyone know a good parlour?

As far as I am aware, there are no parlours in that area

You wasnt kidding only ones on google are holistic etc... will have to use AW me thinks, spending 3 days up there but heard its a goodnight out. Just the quality I can pull on a night out is suspect lol.... :crazy:

Offline Barry Shipton

Heard there was one a few years back, got raided by the police, don't think any are still open - it's all agencies or indies on Google or AW.
I am sure younger members can advise but head for the Bigg Market or Diamond Strip (Quayside is dead now) and if you have got the body, can wear just a t-shirt in sub-zero temperatures, look like you are loaded and don't mind girls who are shallower than a puddle then it will be like a episode of Geordie Shore.

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