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Author Topic: Secrets Massage - Newcastle  (Read 1285 times)

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Offline BIGnarsty

Location - Newcastle City Centre

Duration - 30 minutes

Price - £25 door fee, £60 extra

So I was feeling a bit naughty and fancied a massage rather than the usual punt, I called up Secrets and was told three girls were available so I made my way down as most of you guys know the location of the place and its hardly discrete but today there was not a soul in present which was OK anyways I entered payed door fee of £25 was shown into the room and was told to undress and lay face down, couple minutes later a lady entered she was decent looking nothing spectacular I would she was around late 20's shes called Sasha or Sasa as she said shes got like a little beauty mark near her left nose if any of you guys have seen her would know. So on to the massage which was OK not the best to be honest then few chit chat here and there after a while I was told to turn over and she started massaging my legs and asked if I wanted a HR which I politely asked "how much?" she responded asking for £60 I almost had a heart attack! £60 for a fucking wank?? I was thinking to myself 'Fuck off' then she came down to £40 which included HR and topless I still thought it was a little too much but I weren't thinking with my head then but my knob and said OK after a couple minutes she said asked for another £20 and she would take everything off.. I was a little hesitant but said OK again.. She was fully naked then and I was hard as hell, she jerked me off spunked all over the damn place. She cleaned up me up and I got dressed and left saying bye!

Thinking back now I think I should of just went for a punt to be fair but all in all it was a experience to have in the books and thats why I left a 'neutral' because I was left happy but the prices let me down, am not so sure if I would be in a rush to revisit though as the prices for massages etc are getting kinda ridiculous at the moment think I need to pack this in..  :(

Offline Benja73

She literally saw you cumming!!!

Offline Born to punt

Banning reason: Previously banned (whatever trevor)

Offline bobdavid

I can totally understand this - I had a similar experience at Secrets... though I'd said "no, that's too much" a few times and got the girl down to £30 for HR, topless etc. She'd said I was fine to touch/feel her, too, but as soon as I came, she put everything back on again, wiped me down and that was it. That girl was older, though - looked 35 years old but, knowing Asian girls, that probably means she was 45.

My last couple of visits to Secrets have resulted in me walking out the door... with conversations like:-

Receptionist: "how long do you want?"
Me: "which girl will massage me?"
Rec: "how long?"
Me: "will it be you?"
Rec: "Me, yes. How long you want?"
Me: "I want a younger girl"
Rec: thinks for long time.. then "ok, I go bring younger girl"
Loud voices coming from the door behind reception.. an even older girl comes out..
Her: "How long you want?"
Me: "where's the younger girl?"
Her: "it's just the two of us"
Me: "Ok.. Bye"

I'll probably try again sometime - but it looks to me like it's usually older girls working at Secrets.

Offline Michael48

  got like a little beauty mark near her left nose if any of you guys have seen her would know

I would think any guy who has seen a SP with more than one nose would recognise the description with or without a beauty spot!

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