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Author Topic: Scarlette Sauvage - Dorset  (Read 665 times)

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Used to be known as HollyMinx. Had a couple of failed meet ups where she just didn't show, her driver had some sort of argument with his girlfriend. Anyways she seemed great and had some good reviews so I persevered, huge mistake. I am not experienced so maybe I handled this badly...

Arranged to meet up at 1.30 am, she messages me with shes leaving at about 1.30 and would be here shortly. 2 hours later and she messages shes 10 minutes away. 30 minutes later shes 4 minutes away. 15 minutes later shes just down the road so i give her directions. 10 minutes later the driver phones me for more directions. 20 minutes later they are 2 minutes away. they eventually arrive, I am shattered at this point, its around 5.20 am and I thought I would just solider on having come this far...So I notice shes outside in the car for 10 minutes, eventually she gets out, hobbles over and i let her in. She has broken her foot. I hand over the 200 we agreed on. she then goes to the bathroom for 30 minutes and it turns out that's because she didn't bring any condoms so I tell her to come out, we can talk and sort something out. 10 more minutes pass. Eventually she comes out, clearly feeling slightly awkward. I just want things to be done so I offer her £100 for the trip. This seems more than fair to me...she then phones the driver and complains that they packed her bag and didnt do it right. She wont give me back my money for no reason other than she can't but just about agrees to the 100 back. She's clearly off her head on coke at this point and I just want her gone. She goes back to the bathroom to get changed. 30 minutes later she emerges, hobbles to the door, hands me back 60 and says that I had condoms in the top of my bathroom cabinet and seems to think that's fair.

To sum up: 4 hours late, no condoms, spends 30 minutes in the bathroom, refuses to give my money back, eventually gives me back 60 of the original 200 and leaves saying i'm in the wrong. An expensive lesson.

1 review(s) found for Hollyminx linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Jesus! This is not aimed at you personally, I'm really sorry you got ripped off. But this belongs in a section entitled "how not to punt"  :scare:
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and not 1 negative on AW from all her reviews, amazing. thank god for UKP!

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'Kin hell!! I booked her once (incall at hotel), and there was no response from her whatsoever when I arrived. Some cock and bull story about her sister being in trouble. Nothing I've seen or heard since convinces me of any other view than I had a very lucky escape. I'd be mindful however of the risk of a girl turning up like this at that hour, especially if they're waiting in that car that long. Why on earth would they?

Jesus christ what a nightmare! Sorry to hear about your bizarre experience, I'd considered adding her to the HL but I won't be now

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Banning reason: Wanting post by another member deleted because in return the prossie will offer him 15mins for free

If thats the case then I stand corrected and apologize to Tangoorangetest and say next time don't be so stupid!!!    :dash:

I was stupid in any case, naively thought she wouldn't be that bad! I don't see escorts much but this was so ridiculous I felt the need to warn others!

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