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Author Topic: Bia - Admiral Escorts LONDON  (Read 3337 times)

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Offline Sailorboy1985


My first punt for my visit to London. Bit of context chaps. Been away at sea for three months and not even had a whiff of a lady. After having some great advice from Steely Dan i decided to book my first WG through an agency. You can read that convo here ... https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=125364.msg1422524#msg1422524

Services offered
None specified on Websites
After reading the following review https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=120559.msg1375972#msg1375972 i expected a decent GFE, what i was looking for.

Price £150 for 1hr

Comms Considering this was my first time contacting an agency i was a little nervous. I called admiral and didn't get an answer. No sooner had I hung up but they called me back with an apology. I explained who i wanted to meet and for how long. They told me they would contact Bia and get back to me. Overall call time 28 secs, nice and no nonsense! 1min later i was texted with confirmation and address. I texted back and asked if i would need to ring nearer the time (in about 5 hours). They responded swiftly with a "no, just turn up", even better!

Location Nice safe area in between Marylebone and Baker Street Station. Flat was in the basement. Nice clean room with great shower facilities and comfy bed.

Would I Visit Again? Probably not. But i would recommend her.

Pictures She is the girl in the pics. If you're looking for a blond Barbie type with a fake rack then she is perfect.

In real life Sadly she was a lot skinnier in real life than her pictures. Her face was a little drawn  and her teeth looked a bit to big for her mouth because of it. She had clearly had some work done on her lips since the photo shoot as well.

The meet I walked in looking like a drowned rat due to the bad weather and the tube strike! This didn't seem to bother Bia and she kindly offered to dry my coat making sure i took any valuables out of the pocket. I was offered water and a shower which i accepted as i handed over the paper work. She was back in a flash and ready to go once i'd showered. Started off chatting and touching, very flirty and her English is perfect. She is Romanian and has been in the UK for around 5 years. This led to more touching and a little bit to much chatting on her part but she did think i was a lot younger than i am (by 10 years), as soon as she realised how old i actually was she was straight into the action. Stated off kissing. No DFK or even FK nice lips to kiss though. She removed her Bra and she revealed a decent rack, clearly fake. Maybe with her weight lose they weren't as impressive as i expected but nevertheless nice to suck and grab. I proceeded to take her panties off and she RO like a champ. Onto a nice bit of OWO and she never took her eyes off of me. Nice with her enhanced lips. Not the best BJ i've ever had but still sucked it like a pro no DT though. On with the rubber and she climbed on for a bit of cowgirl. At this point i didn't last long! As i said at the beginning of this review it's been a while and she looked incredible bouncing on my member. She was nice and tight and I finished in the bag for round 1.

More chatting and at this point i realised she had a ridiculous cold. She started sniffing and blowing her nose no end. Didn't bother me to much but was surprised she was working with such bad cold.

Round 2 was initiated by her which was good. More OWO and then finishing in Mish. She had to whips her nose a couple of time during this!

The Good Friendly genuine lady who provided a great GFE. Real VFM, got what I payed for.

The Bad whilst there the door bell went four times and her phone twice. Not something that concerned me but it may bother other punters. Every time the bell went she would check her watch, clearly not the only WG using the flat.

The Ugly If like me, you like your ladies with curves in all the right place Bia is not for you. She is just to thin, almost looking unwell (which she was, with a cold). However if skinny girls with fake boobs are your thing then she's dynamite in the sack.

To conclude Great first experience booking with an agency. Glad i went for a girl who on paper looked like a winner and i didn't burn a hole in my punting wallet.

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Offline iwtc

What do you consider to be your primary reason would be for not going to visit her again?  Too expensive for service provided, didn't get along with her, want to just try different girls, etc.?

Offline Sailorboy1985

What do you consider to be your primary reason would be for not going to visit her again?  Too expensive for service provided, didn't get along with her, want to just try different girls, etc.?

I took this punt as a bit of an experiment booking through an agency as I hadn't before. Had a great time with Bia. We got on very well and she's is most certainly worth every penny. I just want to experience different girls and Bia didn't have an impact on me that would keep me going back to her. I would most certainly book through admiral again.
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Offline umimiu

I went to book Bia but she is on holiday with no known return date. I'm assuming she's gone back to Romania and hopefully she will be back!

Offline loner

I don't think she is worth it. Pretty for sure but uninterested and just ok. Better options out there for sure.

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