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Author Topic: LaurenLovely  (Read 609 times)

Offline Tailpipe

Graphic pictures and she is quite fit for sure.

Things that seem to good are often to good to be true.

Offline Acer

You will be charged to the call phone scam.  :angry:

Offline toolboy55

You will be charged to the call phone scam.  :angry:

That appears to be the case.
Looking at this profile, something clicked when I saw the number and I went back to look at Sara Cum lover's profile and sure enougn they both start with 07937 946xxx. I did a bit of digging and apparently these are numbers for Jersey mobiles which is a higher call charge, this is a bit naughty by whoever allocates the numbers (not sure if it's still Ofcom?) to bury them in a load of UK numbers!
I can't actually see what the person posting this number would get out of it unless they had some sort of forwarding on it. Seems like they do though as the profile is pretty obviously fake. It does say though to e-mail and she'll call back, anyone volunteering to e-mail?

BTW I spent most of my working life in telecomms (in case anyone hadn't guessed!)
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