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Author Topic: Tips/ experience from reverse bookings  (Read 381 times)

I've seen a few threads recently on reverse bookings and thought I would share some of the things that have worked out well for me.  I'm not suggesting i'm an expert at it and most of this is just common sense.  Hopefully its helpful to someone.

I've had a number of great RB over the years and a few bad ones or plan Bs required.  % wise probably about 90% good though so overall definitely worthwhile.  It does depend on the area you are in, so this is all with London in mind.

-  Write a short, polite add that mentions the services you are looking for but doesn't go into too much detail.  You will attract better responses if it doesn't sound like a fantasist.  Once you have picked someone you can talk in more detail about the event.
-  Make sure you write it with at least a couple of weeks notice.  You will get a lot of responses initially and then again a week or so before the event, so will give you two bites at the cherry.
-  You will get a lot of bad responses (zero feedback, the opposite of what you have said you are looking for).  Obviously just delete them immediately.
-  You get really four types of responses 1) a bid with no narrative 2) the clear copy and paste narrative 3) the hi check my profile/ book me sentence 4) a short response with some reference that links/ makes reference to what you have said in the bid.  Again fairly obvious but on average type 4 will lead to a better service.
- Check reviews on here, I tend to go for outcalls which can make this problematic though as girls who only offer this aren't reviewed that often for some reason.
- Keep on top of the RB by deleting unwanted bids so the number of active bids is lowish-  encourages more bids.
- For whoever you pick don't do it too early or too late.  Always contact the girl to check she is still free, then confirm and follow normal process.
- If you like the look of a few people hotlist them as it maybe useful. Once you select the girl you loose access to the remaining bids.

If I think of anything else I'll add later.

Offline Hydrant

All very good advice, so many thanks for a very useful post. I've come to  similar conclusions drawing my own experience with RBs, thought I've never tried to arrange one two weeks in advance – three or four days is the most I've attempted, mainly because my own availability is subject to change, and I mostly start the process only one day in advance.

In addition to hotlisting the bidders who look good but you don't accept, it's a good idea to make a note of how much they bid. Girls often agree to meet you for a lot less than their normal rates, especially on long-ish outcalls. If you go back to a girl later you can always ask if she is prepared to meet you on the same basis.

A couple of times I've sent brief notes to the WGs thanking them for their bid at such and such a rate for my 90-minute booking (for example) and I hope to be in touch soon. That gives you an easy reference in your AW emails if you want to approach them later.
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Offline Steely Dan

Great note Normal bloke.  I have added this thread to the Wiki. https://www.puntingwiki.com/wiki/New_to_Punting#Further_Reading

Consider turning this (and ideas from the other thread on RB) into a Wiki page.  It is really not much harder than writing this note.  But a year from now it will be much easier to find.

Or if Hydrant or anyone else wants to, that is fine too - is all about helping punters.

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