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Author Topic: Squeezing Testicles... Do you enjoy pain?  (Read 9949 times)

Glad to see I am not alone, I have enjoyed testicle pain since my youth when my sister kicked me in the balls when I was 7.I have made all kind of devices to give that kick to my nuts from using an orange in a sock to weighs stacked up on them. I have even pushed needles into them, but funny thing is ever since my that kick my sister gave me I have never had another woman bash my balls,  I ask but they think I’m nuts….lol.

Do I have anything to worry about long term?

I'm no doctor (and nor do I play one on TV) but what is worth adding is that over time your body could adjust to the hightened level of pain/pleasure and reset your brain to what 'normal' feels like. So basically, always adding some pain to the orgasm now feels 'normal'. Your brain has reset to expect higher intensity stimulation to trigger orgasms . So after a time, what produced an ok orgasm with no ball crushing for example, now feels dead and to get that pain/pleasure intensity hit you need to add even more pain. And so it goes.

So I guess try to keep a balance.

Offline JackDaniels

there is a guy who puts up reverse bookings alot for pain he wants you to basically beat him up
kick him in the balls stand on him with your heels etc
definatly a pain lover that one :crazy:

Would most WG's agree to this?

I don't know how common this is, but I really enjoy having my testicles being squeezed really hard by a wg. There is nothing better than feeling intense pain when I cum, feeling very euphoric afterwards. I'm thinking there might long term side effects if I keep on doing this, or I might meet a very enthusiastic wg that might cause me a injury.  :cry: I only do this every few weeks with a wg, I don't do it when I masturbate anymore.

I enjoy being spanked (bum and cock), and having a deep massage using her elbows to massage my back.

Does anyone else enjoy pain during sex? Do I have anything to worry about long term? I don't want kids, so I'm not worried if it reduces my chances of making someone pregnant.

I am welcome to any other tips/techniques that I might enjoy.
Can't say I enjoy a woman administering pain to me but I love the feeling of getting tattoos find it really addictive

Offline Drillakilla

A gentle squeezing and a light tugging at them is nice, every now and then it's a touch to hard and I let out the girliest fucking yelp ever!!
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Everyone has their own turn ons. I am sure there are a good number of punters who love a lot of pain.

Offline martell

You have to realize that testicles are what produce hormones which make you able to have an erection and libido... I seriously wouldn't take any chance with my balls.

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