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Author Topic: Tammy of Bath Babes  (Read 1549 times)

Offline Fatbrian


I'm intrested in booking a spanking session with Tammy but would like some feedback on her. i've looked at the bath babes website and her own site linked from there. I've read the reviews on her site but some seem to date from 2005? plausable if she is about 24.

I also read up on the reason for the lack of auto-censored reports and understand.

what I really after is just to know that she still looks like she does in her videos and does she give a good service?

finally i did a search and saw the one thread on here.



Online Silverado

I've seen Tammy in Bath but it was some time ago, ie. 2005. I suspect that you can add a couple of years or so to her age - but  wouldn't argue the point.

I certainly enjoyed myself and would return. In fact after having looked at her website, her gallery and the special offer for December, I am sorely tempted.

Some of the photos are quite old but as they don't show her face they're not likely to be misleading.

Parking is likely to be a problem so get a permit off them - or keep on driving until you find a space.

I've never had a problem with BathBabes, except once when I was let down by a girl in 2000, who is no longer there.

Offline Fatbrian

thanks for the feedback. i'll give her a call to check her availabilty. If I do get a booking I'll write up a report on the session.


Offline Fatbrian

unfortunately I'm unable to report back on what Tammy was like.

i was all setup to see her yesterday. we'd communicated by email but not by phone?
anyhow i set off early form bath as it was a 1 and 1/2 hour drive. I'd not had any contact from her but about 2pm (booking was for 4pm) i had a text off the bath babes managment saying that they'd not been able to contact Tammy and that she probably wasn't goin to make it.

i called back and found the bath babes managment good and helpful. they offered me a chance to book one of the other girls who would be available. I took a quick look but decided against it.

Being in the bristol area with time on my hands ( i'd made excuses that i was off to see
an old friend so wasn't expected back till later) i brought a local rag an gave the local prlours a call. i was very suprised to find the the going rate was £60-80.

i'm used to manchester prices and high quailty of the girls. manchester is between £40-60. i popped into a couple of parlours but none of the girls took my fancy.

i returned unfulfilled but head back to the north tonight.

Offline HPotter

I had a similar experience with her back in Aug.

We arranged via email to meet in the afternoon. Everything was all set.
Two hours before I had a text from the management saying “Just to pre-warn you Tammy might not be able to make it today, still waiting to hear from her”  An hour later I received another text “Sorry she’s in hospital, don’t know why”

I was unable to make the meet myself in the end because I was broken into.

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