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Author Topic: R3tro Club - Walsall  (Read 2184 times)

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The R3troclub - Walsall



It's on a side road, with on street parking. Just don't park on the double yellow, the opposite side is OK.

They do have a small car park where the entrance is, you could park around 8 cars. If parked properly.

The Event

This evening was meant to be Randy Mandy and another GG.

I did check before leaving and as it had been some time since I have been there, I thought why not?

Paid my hard working money and entered the club, at around 8.40.

They advertise 8-12pm, but they start around 8.30ish and finish around 11.30ish.

Showered and got my self a drink, been served by a rude lady, she wasn't happy for one reason or another about something.

Went into the main room and it was just blokes, and it was almost 9.

The owner, done the announcement, took around 10 minutes but it was eventually done. But there was only one GG.

I decided to go not for Randy Mandy, but for the other GG. I can't see the poster on the site now.

There was around 11 guys and one girl. Not a good ratio and not a good start.

Around 9.30, the rude staff member had joined, which is why she was in a strop earlier.

She was rather large for my liking and I was rather disappointed. She did talk a lot to Mandy, just random stuff until one of the guys requested her to go to the other bed as there was "more room".

I understand last minute changes, but it would have been nice if we were informed when we were paying.

The staff member had her clothes on, it was a loose garment and had her back towards everyone whilst servicing one guy.

She had requested one guy at a time, however, she did take around 10 mins to sort one out.

It seemed that the guys I spoke with, decided to come for the same reason as me, to see the other GG and not Mandy.

I'm not knocking Mandy, but I've been there done that, with her when she was at Aston. And most the guys went to Mandy any way.

Would I return?

No. Although this was a bad experience for me, and it could have been totally different.

They've removed the jacuzzi which was one of the main reasons I've enjoyed going there. The sauna is downstairs now and there isn't any point in having an upstairs now.

Other than that, they haven't had much of a revamp.

Oh, the music was good.


Found the poster

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Me and the missus went a couple of times. Very quiet and not much choice for her plus the hostesses seem to have been told not to do girl on girl.  Overall a bit grubby and latterly seems to have become a stomping ground for PC cast offs like Pandora and Tianna etc

I've noticed that too. A lot of PC girls have moved over.

Offline marcodr

I haven't been to the retro since 2013. I know that the management has changed.

To be fair Randy Mandy is a massive turn off. I met her for the first time in 2008 at the Private when she was pal with Bonnie, then apparently she was best pal with the previous Retro manager (Karen aka Amanda aka Tinks).

I can't figure out why they still keep her. She's definitely not a looker and way past the good days (and it's a granny lover speaking).

I was thinking of giving it a go myself, but not when Mandy is in.

I recently found r3troclub was under new management, by a former greedy girl called Roxy. Having been a regular when they first opened back in 2009 the prices were reasonable, especially for its location in Walsall West Mids, £40 for non-members on weekdays, £50 on weekends.
Today it's gone up £55 and £65 respectively. Apparently the girls are mainly escorts now, some come as far away as Northampton and Leeds. Not many local ladies so it's more of a glorified brothel than a swingers club. I know one chap who claims he picked up what his doctor called "a water infection" after two visits months apart. Obviously if you receive OWO it's a risk but even moreso if girls giving you pleasure @r3troclub are also giving pleasure as prostitutes elsewhere. To be honest I've rarely seen couples or single ladies in there and most of their punters are just that.
Hopefully, this Roxy will improve things but one look at the club's Twitter page and own website proves otherwise. A shame really because it was just what a town like Walsall needed back in the day especially as the hotel bukkake party scene in and around Birmingham ceased due to police crackdowns.

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