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Author Topic: Katy.x.beautiful - Nice face Smelly Fannie  (Read 7368 times)

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Offline Tailpipe

If this is putting you of punting you better not read the thread on the main page about weirdiet requests. ...
I made it to page two and thought ENough  :vomit:

Now I have to go look

Offline BigSur

 :vomit: thats what i feel like reading this
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Offline CurvyKinkyVixen

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Im not suprised to read that some guys actually seek out a "smelly fanny" .  :vomit:

But is that a healthy "smelly " strong musky smell they seek  , or fish ...

 I can see that a healthy musky smell on a clean pussy is turn on for some men  , but BV /fish smell is not healthy. I remember some guy on a forum remarked that all pussys smell of fish , no they shouldnt smell fishy at all. It is not a natural vaginal smell and it is a bad sign TBH

A very strong fishy smell is usually the culprit of BV , which ive been unlucky enough to witness at a swingers club. .... not at close quarters thank fook , the woman was been shagged and watched and the smell was detectable at 20 feet away...Still plenty of blokes lining up for a go regardless...eeek!!


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