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Author Topic: xxxKama in north acton  (Read 3403 times)

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Offline Darwin414


The two pictures she has up is definitely her, although when you see her, you might not think she looks as stunning as she does in the pictures. However, after careful analysing her face, and being in that room, I can guarantee those are pictures of her.

She's 21/22 and has a flawless white complex, with a lovely pair of tits and nipples.

It's 1 minute from north acton station, and she provides clear instructions. However, it's a flat and I couldn't get in because the ringing alarm was a bit confusing on how it works. So I tried until someone came outside.

Upon arrival (2 hours later than my appointment because of unexpected delay of picadilly line, it was completely closed and replacement bus instead), she offered me a drink with a good attitude and smile,
I opted for a glass of water.

After negotiating on what she does and doesn't do, I paid her just 70 for half an hour.
She asked me if I wanted a shower but I took one prior to leaving for her.

What can I say, when she came, I took a final sip of water and it was off to the event. Not going into detail, but let's say she is a very sweet girl who provides a good GFE, and doesn't charge extra. We did a lot of DPFK, then I did RO, then to OWO, and finally a good bit of doggystyle before I came. I laid on my back and got a good massage while we had a good conversation, then I turned around she stroke my chest/stomach with the tip of her fingers while we continued chatting.

She also does CIM I believe, but I told her I didn't want her to do that since it's not my thing. She seemed happy about it.

I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a WG who doesn't try to make you cum as fast as possible, or a WG that likes to talk. She seemed independent, and there was two other girls that I saw working there.

Let me know if you want to know anything else.

Offline Darwin414

I forgot to mention a few bad things.

She's a smoker, so while FK'ing I could taste the cigarettes which was off-putting, but I didn't mention it because it seemed too rude. I'm sure if I did she would have gone and used some mouthwash but that might have made it a little awkward afterwards.

Another thing, which to me is not a bad thing but I should let you guys know, she has a small bump (diameter 1-2cm) on her back, just above her arse.
Not off putting for me, but a heads up because I mentioned her flawless skin. (Also has a sexy chinese tattoo on her upper back)

Aside from that, recommended.

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