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Author Topic: hidden neg feedback  (Read 718 times)

Offline EnglishRebecca121

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after browsing some aw profiles i have noticed some have negative feedbacks when u click on the box it only shows the positive feedbacks left

surely you cant hide negative feedback? kind of defeats the whole system if you can :unknown:

Ah, miss rebecca, but if she hides ANY Feedback, she's an immediate "No-No" for me; and, I'd be pretty certain, virtually all UKP punters.

Offline Lz-129

No no for me too, avoid them like the plague

yup, if the feedback is hidden then I'd stay away too, if it is hidden you can only assume it's bad.

Offline EnglishRebecca121

  • Service Provider
  • Posts: 2,226
Its Odd tho as not even the neterul fb is in show :unknown:

Offline Festisio

has there been 100 positive feedback since any neutral/neg ones? - because it only shows the last 100.

Offline CoolTiger

With some WGs/scammers, quite often when they set up the profile, they then give themselves a few positive FB's thereby
suggesting that punters have seen them and left them positive back.

It then takes only 1 or 2 genuine negative FBs to reveal their true colours. That's when they decide to hide all their FB.

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