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Author Topic: Top three enjoys on a punters list  (Read 10159 times)

Offline Tailpipe

Nothing worse?

A bit of bog roll stuck on her arsehole comes pretty close!

Forgot about that one you  :vomit:

Offline andy_nine

2) Being made to feel like I'm special to her - unlike all the other clients she's ever met before (yes I know it's bullshit but who cares?).

agree with this though I probably would describe it slightly differently.

I want her to make me think she's into it / enjoying / having fun. Even if it is bollocks. Most the punts I'd class as "bad" have mostly been a problem when they've made me feel like they need to get me in and out as quickly as possible or just lying there like the proverbial wet fish

other than that..

licking pussy

Nothing worse?

A bit of bog roll stuck on her arsehole comes pretty close!

 :vomit:  That has to be worse!


Walking away is always an option but since i only use public transport, going such a long way then turning back is very disappointing.

I have never met a BO, "smelly fanny" or similar problem at my local Thai place and anyway fortunately they offer a shared jaccuci service so normally the girl and I have a good play in there as a first stage of the booking.  Yep, I am well aware of the potential problems from stagnant water left in the jaccuci "sump"  but I have seen how the girls always flush the system with lots of clean water at the end of the session so I am happy enough.

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Offline Booksie

1 Watersports
2 Reverse Oral
3 Anal play (tongues, fingers etc)

I'm quite happy with no penetration if the session is exceptional. I've even been a satisfied with not cumming with a good dirty session. For me GVFM is leaving with a smile on my face.

Offline Knick

Reverse OWO
Doggy style sex.

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