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Author Topic: London Bridge - any decent WGs within walking distance?  (Read 1041 times)

Hi - am in London for work on Thursday. A search on AW for escorts in the London Bridge area brings up a fairly high number of dodgy-looking Romanian barebackers, and not much else that doesn't scream "bait & switch", or WGs that don't really look that appealing. Just wondering if anyone has had any good experiences/recommendations round that part of town? My ideal WG is petite (size 8 or smaller), DFK, OWO. Thanks guys.


London Bridge I am not sure but the Latin gals in Tower Hamlet area are good, it is not that far...Sandra especially...I visited her a couple of weeks back.

Thanks viktor - do you have any links you could send me? And (sorry for the questions!) - whereabouts in TH are they? Just a street name would be fine.... cheers mate.

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