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Author Topic: LSS Edinburgh  (Read 20969 times)

Offline Thehun10

I had punting experience at LSS twice, first time with Italian girl Simone , She is tall, curvy, tanned, sultry, truly Mediterranean beauty. She made it clear that she was only going for BJ and Shag, felt bit pissed when she interrupted me twice, she dint want any touch on her clitorris and she was fussy about lip lock   . Second time, it was Spanish girl Lorry (The name she told me), short  voluptuous with strikingly beautiful eyes , excellent in kissing, well mannered and  experienced sauna girl (Highly recommended).

Don't believe anything they say about their nationality, Italian, Spanish, German ect...
At LSS these days, if they're not Scottish they're Romanian.

Just back from a tremendous session with scottish girl Lucy.....had about 5 others to choose from including ..the lovely maire....(another time.lol)... what clinched it whilst sitting in the lounge was the ridiculous short dress.....showing her tiny black panties....anyway in the room for 45 mins......had a great time....all services...provided......great laugh with her aswell.....really nice girl...( I know its her job...but I really enjoyed. . My time with her....loved her sexy scottish accent. ...whilst fucking her.....she spoke really dirty to me ...which was a huge turn on....finally shed all over ( at her request over her cute little ass) I would rate Lucy....7 for looks (slim...small boobs ) 9 for service and attitude. ....a great wee punt to end the year.....so glad I picked her......will defo be back...

Yes, I can endorse your view of lucy, I too was swayed by the pantie showing, she usually works weekdays, and is not the youngest.

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

First of all apologies. .. I should have posted this report on my time with Lucy on the reviews section .Sorry..(did my report on the train home last night from Lss....still to much excitement on my part.) Anyway Lucy is not normally who I would choose in the lounge.....it was just something about her....glad I picked her ......reading through this thread I realise that she is quite popular. .....and some good reports. This experience is now going to make me think differently regarding which girl I choose in the sauna from now on. Ince dentally. ...the other girls there were ok ...only got a quick glance the greek girl Marie. ..was introduced and she looked fine ( understand she is very good ) the others I would rate 6.7.8s only at a quick glance.

Offline Akerso

The Greek girl you mention is very good i had a great time with her a while back she gave me owo and lots of kiissing, i've not been to LSS in a while as i prefer owo and its usually off the menu at LSS which is a shame! 

You must be special to get owo and kissing from marie,  although I went with her a few times I found she gave limited service compared to meg, lucy, and mona, although I could hardly care less about owo, I  feel it indicates their attitude, I have a suspicion that marie is upping her game these days, time goes by and shes not getting any younger, and its a few years since I went down the stairs with her

Offline Thehun10

Has anyone seen Ashley at LSS.
I was there and all the girls were available apart from Ashley who was busy and she had another booking coming in as well.
The last time I was at LSS someone phoned in to book her at 5pm.
She seems very popular but no idea what she looks like.

Offline Akerso

lol, not special just lucky! maybe she fancied me? if i knew she was working i would go back for her but i went in since and no sign, i'd rather go to bss and get the better services but i would probably go to lss before scorpio who offer good service but the place is a shithole!
I am a bit concerned about the possibility of police raids at the sauna's what with the recent issues in the press, does anyone know the latest? are we safe to visit or could we get caught up in a raid? I don't think think the mrs would be impressed!  :mad:

Offline f_angel

I am a bit concerned about the possibility of police raids at the sauna's what with the recent issues in the press, does anyone know the latest? are we safe to visit or could we get caught up in a raid? I don't think think the mrs would be impressed!  :mad:

Good question, I'm wondering about this too. It's all gone very quiet recently on that front.

No chance of any raids in my opinion, he was expecting praise, he got nothing but abuse,, any future police activity might be, evidence gathering with a view to prosecution, but my view and have held this from the start, is the saunas will still be here in years to come. Money is tight , and the public doesn't want it wasted on prosecuting hookers and punter.

Offline Thehun10

No chance of any raids in my opinion, he was expecting praise, he got nothing but abuse,, any future police activity might be, evidence gathering with a view to prosecution, but my view and have held this from the start, is the saunas will still be here in years to come. Money is tight , and the public doesn't want it wasted on prosecuting hookers and punter.

I agree, I think the sauna raids have turned into a bit of an embarrassment for Chief Constable Sir Stephen House.
It was an easy target and a interesting  news story because it was about sex.
No one is interested in it anymore.

Offline Bobbob84

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Offline Largs43

As a first-time punter, I found the info on this forum very helpful, so I'll share my Edinburgh

experience for your collective wisdom;

I'd decided to visit London Street Sauna (LSS) as it gets the best reviews here. Nearby

street parking is about £2 per hour in daytime, pay & display. There's a police station two

blocks to the east, so i parked near there for security!

So, wearing sunglasses (it was sunny) to avoid eye-contact, I took a quick three steps

down from the pavement and through the main door into a dark, red & black vestibule, a

woman through a grill guided me left through the door into the luxurious reception area.

When you enter, of course, all faces turn to look at you! 3 or 4 pretty girls were sitting on

the plush red sofas, smiling, other girls sauntering past at another door, glancing over &

smiling, and a charming female receptionist, also good-looking, who put me at ease. I joked

it was my first time, so she asked the nearest girl (Kirstie/Kirsty) to show me round.

The girls all wear a short, open, silky pyjama top, showing their cleavage, legs, asscheeks

& lingerie to their best advantage (none wearing stockings), all wearing high-heeled shoes.

Kirstie showed me the lockers, the showers, the sauna, and a room downstairs with a bath

& bed, mirrored walls & ceiling at the bed, and explained what to do (which I already knew

from this forum); pay the door, get a shower, take money in the wee bag and pick a girl,

pay her in the room. Simples! She made it clear that "hand-relief, oral, full sex or whatever"

were on the menu after discussion with the girl I'd choose.

Kirstie's a long-legged, busty blonde, friendly & likeable, and she led me back to reception.

The hot milf receptionist explained the prices were;

30mins   £25 to the door   £55 to the girl
45mins   £30 to the door   £60 to the girl
60mins   £35 to the door   £65 to the girl

They thought I'd take 30 or 45 being a newbie, but I wanted to enjoy it to the full so paid

the doorfee of £35 for an hour. Kirstie showed me back to the locker/shower room (passed

a stunning Alicia Silverstone lookalike, but slimmer, with great legs & perfect skin). The

shower's great, gives you time to think, to get your mind in the right place, to anticipate the

fun, and to be clean & sweat-free for the girl. It was a hot summer's day & I was a nervous

newbie, so I'd been perspiring bit!

Into the bathrobe & back to the lounge, glad I cut my toenails. Kirstie served me any hot or

cold soft drink I wanted while we all had some banter. Another girl sashayed in & sat on

another couch; long legs, slim thighs & waist, boobs average size but heavenly shaped, full

pouting red lips & captivating eyes & smile. A bit more banter with the receptionist, her pal,

and Kirstie (but not with this new girl), until I announced I'd like to chose her, as she was

the right height for me; Kirstie's a lot taller in her heels than wee me in my bare feet. The

girl I chose was exactly my intended girl's appearance in height, build & hair colour.

A beautiful oriental girl had slipped in too, lovely figure & smile, she's on my to-do list, along

with Kirstie & the Alicia Silverstone lookalike.

So Rebeca (romanian spelling, as on her tattoo) led me to a room. She's a stunningly

good-looking woman, not tall enough to be a model, but physically perfect, even down to

her smooth skin & bone structure. From an oil massage we progressed to covered oral,

covered intercourse in many position. All superbe, except she didn't let me kiss her mouth.

Tremendous deep-throat, a joy to watch her go at it.

I paid her a few compliments as we went along, her english is good, and commented that

her long, soft silky dark hair was lovely, and like a gypsy woman's... Note to all; never

under any circumstances tell a romanian woman she's in ANY way like a gypsy, it doesn't

go down well...!

With 15 minutes to go, I was worried I wouldn't shoot, with being out of practice, being a

first-timer, and using a rubber. Just near the end I lost all power, total softie, and had to

give up. Great fun though, and I paid her and tipped her extra as she'd really put alot of

physical effort trying to getting me off.

Upstairs for a refreshing shower, dressed, then a coffee & mint in reception as I chilled out,

more banter with the receptionist & a waiting punter.

Shades back on, they buzzed me out the main door (I guess if there's trouble, it's all

contained). No eye-contact as I headed back out to the street.

LSS was easy, great fun, and I'll definitely go back. Soon!

Sweet'n'Petite had already accepted a last minute booking for the following day. I'd cross-

referenced a few girls from AW with feedback on this forum, and she was the only one to

reply. I had zero feedback, maybe that's why.

Sweet'n'petite was a lovely, warm, pretty and highly sensual girl, making me welcome and

motivated from the start. Without discussion, she followed my lead to provide a great GFE,

with plenty of snogging, uncovered oral, mouthfucking, ball-licking, and covered

intercourse. She's petite enough to roll around the bed without withdrawing, enjoys herself

and her own sexuality. I thought I'd have trouble shooting again, so took the rubber off and

had her touch herself for me and suck on my finger while I came across her super-sensitive


I can't over-rate her; she was wonderful! Warm and bright, smaller than me but perfectly-

formed, passionate and kind. And wearing lingerie & stockings. 10/10.

Offline bbb

good post cactus, glad you got on ok.
Sounds like LSS have bumped the door prices up since I was last there, bummer, guess BSS will follow suit shortly.

Looks like the prices have gone up for 30/45 mins since last time I was there but tbh I always book for the hour and the quoted price has been same since 2008ish.
First time there in 2001 it was £20 door and £50 girl for 45 mins so not too much difference.
Mind you as we all know back then it was the best sauna in the UK by a country mile.
If the receptionist was Lucy then I'm sure she'll tell you some stories Cactus.
Good review!

Offline pilgrim

Visited here after getting a negative attitude at the door of Blair street from the EE blonde receptionist.

Anyway, nice welcome from the receptionist at LSS, Valerie I think? She explained the prices and then asked Romanian Rebeca(you cant mistake her as shes got her name tattooed in block capitals the length of her forearm) to show me around.  Whilst in one of the cabins down stairs (damp smell from carpets and some wet patches)  I asked about services, she explained she would do CIM for £20, OWO for £10 and cum twice was £10.  It soon starts to mount up on top of the flat rate for the cabin. Went back upstairs and paid for 45 mins, made use of the sauna and shower before returning to the lounge.  Its well decorated with comfortable couches, a bit gloomy.  A huge wall mounted TV to keep everyone entertained watching "Cum dine with me" and other daytime TV delights.

The other girls were busy and over time they came up to the lounge and saw their previous customers out the door.  As mentioned Rebeca is a tall brunette, stunning figure, hair scraped up into a bun on the top of her head, heavily made up. Her Romanian buddy is a bit more chubbier and busty, Nadia or something similar.  Mona, tall Hungarian, curly blonde hair. She was booked solid for the first 2 hours.  Myself and 2 other customers were sitting it out to see what she looked like.  I think this pissed the other girls off.  Nisha, I think she is of Indian or Pakistani heritage.  Very popular as she had many bookings and potential clients were waiting to see if her booked punters didnt show.  Lucy, as mentioned in earlier posts.  Scottish brunette, long straight hair, mid thirties to early forties.  I think she is an acquired taste as i found her gruff with one word answers and not wanting to engage in conversation.  Shes part of the management(her words) and alternates days between working the cabins or the desk.  Said that she'd been there 14 years and had never seen me before.  Thats not my fault, we have all got to start somewhere. Eventually chose Rebeca and made our way to the cabin.  Once inside she tells me she wont do OWO, CIM as shes cut her mouth. I ask about kissing and she tuts and says shes just done her make up. I go to leave and she tells me that no one upstairs will see me or provide those services.  I make my way to the changing area and I am in the middle of getting dressed when Nisha comes in and says "whats the matter" I explain the situation and she reassures me that there are those that will see me and she explains that shes only got 25 mins but will complete a booking with me.  So she explained to the desk and off we went.  I am glad to say that Nisha restored my faith in the place.  I talked about the general conception that Romanians are scam merchants even though up until that day I had never had any encounters with then.  As mentioned in previous posts the place would be great without the Romanians.

As mentioned the decor is clean and comfortable with plenty of soft drinks, tea/coffee and dilute juice available.  The ladies are dressed in maroon or black tunics that show off their busts and arse cheeks, footwear is the regulation issue prostitutes heels.   

LSS used to be the best sauna in Edinburgh, as pilgrim says if the Romanians would disappear it would be great again. Can't agree more.

Don't go there anymore, used to always see rebbeca, (owo no Robles but never cim) however one time went with someone else, upon my next visit rebbeca blanked me and gave me dirty looks lol, tried to talk to her but nothing lol Bloody hell that's worse than having a girlfriend .

The only one good Romania LSS did have was Andrea . She was amazing  :yahoo:

Great review Pilgrim and it looks like my nine month sabbatical from the saunas is set to get longer.I mean whats the point of a 220 mile round trip to m :crazy: :wacko: :timeout:eet with attitudes like that?
You must have caught Lucy on a bad day because normally she can talk for Scotland and I dont know about her 14 years there cos she left in 2003 and didnt come back until 2011.
Had a chuckle about Rebecca because Beti  at BSS was exactly the same if you chose someone else.
Poor Lisa would be shaking her head in dismay if she could have seen what happened to LSS....Sad.

Offline Haulder

I haven't been to LSS for a long time.
Those of us who experienced it in it's heyday must know how bad it is now by comparison.
I put this down to the management. They don't demand good performance standards from the girls.
I've actually met some good Romanians, Andrea for instance.
Can't think of any reason to go back any time soon.

mooched in the other day, hangover horny, looking for mona or marie, both reliable, mona was busy, so went down the stairs with marie, a forty year old greek, she actually gives minumun service, no snog, no oral without but she manages to get a boy hard enough to penetrate and have sex, these are my modest ambitions, am 57 with a prostate condition. As usual the lounge was full of nice looking girls, but most of them are only there cos they couldn't cut the mustard at blair st or the new town. I would say lucy must be nearer fifty by now, she was 38 ten years ago, that's fine by me, I like them all ages. She too is a reliable punt.

Offline pilgrim

Willie Loman, when you say the girls at LSS couldnt cut the mustard at Blair street.  What exactly do you mean?  Is Blair St more strict (better management) is there a better range of services? A better selection of nicer looking girls?  I had originally gone to Blair St as it was closer to where I was but I didnt get past the front door as the EE blonde receptionist was flexing a 12 inch ruler and calling me "Daaling" She wanted money up front before getting a look inside.  It was a Monday mid morning and she said there was only EE ladies available.  So I left and went to LSS, maybe with hindsight I should have stayed.

I dont know what others do but I am blunt and to the point and ask what services are available.  To me theres no point going to the cabin and not getting the services you are after, you could be up and down the stairs till you find what you want or go away with a raging boner after paying ££'s for a sauna!!

I first saw Lucy at LSS back in 2002 when she used to work under a different name and she said she was 31 and then met her again when she began at BSS.
You are spot on Willie about her service..she is always magnificent in the room and a true professional.
Must have seen about 100 different LSS girls over the years and she is definitely in the Top 5 imho along with Lisa,Gucci, Becky ( as in Carlyle) and of course Kerry.
The sobering thought is that with the exception of Lucy, its at least eight years aince any of the others worked there.

Blair st and  new town have always had a stricter management, and move girls on when its not working out for them. Paying at the door is fair enough, its to stop the sight seers. More importantly at these saunas the esprit de corp seems stronger, the girls compete to give you good service. So owo and snogging are the norm. I admire your decision to walk away from Rebecca. If you punt a lot, you realise that the saunas are all different , like any retail environment, at one end you have waitrose, at the other scotmid. For me the difference between London st and blair st, is night and day.

Offline Graeme387

Guys I haven't been to Blair Street for a very long time (10 years perhaps), preferring for some unknown reason to frequent LSS or even Scorpio.
However, on the basis of the reports I decided last Friday to check if Heidi was available at Blair Street and since she was, I decided with blind faith to give her a try.
Needless to say I doubt LSS will be on my to do list anymore.
The premises don't seem to have changed very much in the last 10 years but the punt was very good.

Offline TKovac

Folk who have been to LSS more recently can correct me if I am mistaken to my knowledge the main difference in management style between lss and bss is

LSS the rule enforced by "management" is that all oral is covered.  Almost no girl will deviate from this and those that do try to keep it quiet.

BSS management  on the other hand insist that the girls preform oral without.

Personally I dont like either approach as it feels a little controlling.  Given that Lucy is now claiming to be management at LSS mayby girls will be able to offer owo if the choose. Though I think a large part was that girls who dodnt would find them selves sat in tje lounge without even a parrot for company

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