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Author Topic: Best Deepthroat WG's  (Read 1562 times)

Offline Geoff

Hi all,

I'm fairly new here but looking for something specific. I'm proper into my BJ's more than intercourse and cant think of nothing better than a great deepthroat experience. A lot of girls claim it (and many of these disappoint when it comes to it)  but who would you guys reccommend for this from what you have seen on AW? The girl needs to be slim and hot as well preferably!

Tell me about your best experiences.....

I'm based in Birmingham / Wolverhampton area so any responses relating to these areas would be great.

Offline lovingfacials

deepthroatharley in cannock (i think) claims to be an expert, sje lloks hot and is on my list............

Offline madmick

Filthy Fun in Stoke , who Later became Kit-Kat was sensational, quite a big lass, with boobs spilling every where,
dont think she is involved anymore though

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