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Author Topic: AdultWork Down  (Read 68240 times)

Online EnglishRebecca121

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its up and down more than my knickers :wackogirl:

Offline ParisB

Offline Jimmyredcab

I will deal with your words directed at me in a moment;-

Don't bother, no one is interested.  :bomb:

Offline moondance

Not at all. I included the most common types of newbie and answered accordingly. The poster chose the one he thought correct and answered appropriately with helpful and relevant info in another thread. He hardly needs a cuddle from arse-licking prossies.

And yes, there are prossies on here that have been around a long time cos they have learnt by and large to put the punter first in their posts.  I wonder how long you will last?

Okay, first off, thanks for your insightful response.

Where shall I start, okay, point number one:

"arse licking prossies" I sense is aimed at me, as I "shock horror, gasp" dared to be nice, you know, like a human who is not bitter and jaded through life, yes, I am fresh in my approach, yes, I do see, well try to see the good in others, would have it no other way;-)rather that than choosing or unwilling to see anything positive in life.
I was not as you charmingly put, "arse licking" a new  member here, I too am pretty new, I just did not understand why he felt the need to bow down to you and apologize.
And "no" I was not "arse licking" to score points, score a "punter",I do not post in my work name, post my photo, allow pm's, so your subtle attempt to suggest I was specifically being nice "just because" is just wrong.
Point two:

I am glad you are humble enough to acknowledge that you have name checked a couple of well known respected girls in punting world, but then in the next breathe, you find it difficult to continue to be reasonably civil as you then sneeringly ask "I wonder how long YOU will be here for".

The implication being...

If I dare to disagree with a poster like your self, I will not be around long, I can not think that you question my time I may stay here based on fact I may crumble, and leave,highly unlikely to happen!
So, this just leaves, you think I will piss everyone off, okay, in life, we can not all like the views of others, but I do post here to share and to learn!
So take your negativity and open your mind.

Oh, for future reference Marmalade;-)

No names mentioned here, but there are a couple who as you put it "arse lick" the guys and they do so brilliantly,good luck to them,  however to suggest I do so is quite something, furthest thing from the truth, and you know this too.

Now why not go and read through my G.Bay thread and think outside of your ego for a moment, what are your thoughts on people being held without charge or trial, facing torture, you know...serious issues in life!!

I await your post with anticipation.

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Offline Marmalade

Diagnosis? Incredibly unhappy. Chill out, take a vacation.
you're diagnosing yourself dear and projecting onto moi. Though I admit my usual jovial mood darkened slightly at the influx of tripe the past 24hrs which you did little to abate.
I will deal with your words directed at me in a moment
I can't wait. Got your dictionary handy have you?

Offline Marmalade

okay, first off, thanks
I have deleted the rest of you misguided response. And, m'dear, if you were able to see the good in others (other than prossies and sycophantic fluffies) you would not attract so much dismissive criticism. You are not fresh. Just boring.

Offline moondance

I have deleted the rest of you misguided response. And, m'dear, if you were able to see the good in others (other than prossies and sycophantic fluffies) you would not attract so much dismissive criticism. You are not fresh. Just boring.

Attract so much dismissive criticism?

Okay, so Dark miss who lumber jacked her way on here touting, Rebecca who was confused about me suggesting a specific website for those with disabilities,as I said, I do not post here to make friends, I post here because..I can!
If you had read my responses to "part time whore/student" new poster, you would therefore know that I am not nice specifically to prossies, in fact, many piss me off!!
You do not know me, you do sound jaded and bitter, this is how you enjoy life, so good luck to you fella.

You shall now go on my ignore list,even James999 has more charm than you!

Offline Marmalade

Attract so much dismissive criticism?
Well you clearly don't know me either dear. Even in the short space of our exchange you failed to notice that I complimented you when you added to a discussion and the opposite when you wrote rubbish. I'm pretty unemotional in my posts. I've been here on and off since the site started. You're just another poster and I treat you the same as anyone depending what you post. You're right. I don't know you, neither do I want to. I know what you write. And most of it (not all, but most) seems like sentimental shite. Go play. Or pray. Your preference.
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Online EnglishRebecca121

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 :lol:quick Its back up Run get  your numbers before it goes again lol

Offline Steve2

The best place for news seems to be


Last post 7hrs ago was

AdultWork.com ‏@AdultWorkcom 7h

Going as fast as we can, site is effectively untouched since Thursday morning, everything intact.

Offline Steve2

Seems to be up and running now  :drinks: :drinks:

Offline sciros

I have my own AW database. They make it nice and easy to mirror. AW url/#######, even if you grab the pages sequentially 000001 - 9999999 it doesn't take long, and they never had any throttling or bandwidth control. After that you only have to do updates. There are many sites mirroring it in this way. I'm really surprised that someone hasn't simply ripped and loaded it elsewhere as static pages.

Still down.  Must be getting on for 24 hours now.

Offline ManBat

Banning reason: Long suspected to be previously banned but now alleged to be posting fake positive reviews to pretend to be genuine

I haven't been able to get on AW since Wednesday evening. Last update on Twitter said they hoped to be an running last night at 20:30, but didn't happen.

Offline Mystique46m

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Adultwork, or as it's soon to be rebranded,


Offline Jason

It is a bit a difference between setting up and marketing an own personal website and creating a basic adultwork profile. Yes, getting professional help isn't for free. But why not pay for support when you need it? Or in other words there are many shop owners who also need an accountant to get the vat and everything correctly eventhough you could say: but that's easy.

Sure if you cannot set up your own website by yourself you will ask the help of a professional. But if you are able to do it there is the added benefit of being able to continuously update it as you do with adultwork.  Many escorts who had their own websites being created by others just cannot change anything on them like making special offers, making announcements, stating they are on vacation, etc.

It is funny that many escorts on their adultwork profiles were stating under their FQA something like this:
Q: I am a website designer. Can we arrange exchange of services?
A: No. I advertise only on Adultwork and I am always busy. I do not need a website.

I guess these escorts are making second thoughts now.  :)

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