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Author Topic: Miss Sophie Thomas---Glasgow  (Read 4842 times)

9 review(s) for MissSophieThomas (8 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline dumpster123

Stunning girl based in Glasgow but be warned she's moving away soon

This is from my own field report

"Throughout my negotiations with Sophie communications we're excellent. The meeting was supposed to be at noon but Sophie sent me a text asking if we could put the meeting back which i was happy to do. When we met and got the money things out of the way i was offered a shower which i didn't need. We quickly progressed from great some kissing and touching to easily some of the best oral i've ever had!! Sophie seemed to really enjoy doing this and maintained eye contact throughout which was really sexy. Wanting to "return the favour" i spent some time performing oral on Sophie which she really seemed to enjoy, her body was certainly giving me all the right signals that i was doing all the right things. From there we progressed to some great protected intercourse. Missionary was incredible with some really great intense eye contact. Sophie then went on top for a while and then i took her from behind (my personal favourite) which finally brought me to an intense orgasm. We lay chatting and kissing for another 10mins which brought us to the end of a really nice hour"

Offline carlisle78

Sophie T is amongst the best there is.
Banning reason: Trolling another member because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. Also known as EdiTed on other sites.

Offline dumpster123

9 review(s) found for MissSophieThomas linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline seeker

Shes a bit old for me  :D
I like them 19 to 25 max. ..but maybe a plan B.
Or il pick her up in the Corinthian at the weekend  :dance:
Thanks for the link D.
I ment M :lol:

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