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Author Topic: Jameela  (Read 5615 times)

8 review(s) for Sweet GFE x x (2 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Essex3

Hi saw this girl today.

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/1966546 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hot+Sexxxy%2E%2E%2E

Location is amazing, 3 minute walk from Bayswater, very posh and discreet area, shes located at the basement floor in the flat.

Got in, she looked super hot, freshened up, she was waiting for me on the bed. Not talkative at all, very very boring punt, wasted £60.

She is very tight, she wasnt in to it at all, tried making convo... little response. Made her give me a BJ for like 20 minutes on a semi because i just
wasnt feeling it after i popped first time.

8 review(s) found for Sweet GFE x x linked to in above post (2 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline loner

Some strange cut marks on her arm? very strange....depressed?

Offline tufan

She used to work around king's cross tube station and she was a mixture of italian and arabic.
Now she turned into a polish.


Like the look of this chick, but every time I call when her status is set to AVAILABLE I get no answer?

Can u describe the location and flat?

Offline nova

I was supposed to see Jameela earlier, she accepted my booking request on adultwork the previous day. I got to her place a few minutes before the agreed time of 6pm, called her twice but no answer, then got a text from her saying she's not working today because adultwork.com is down! :angry: Apparently she told me earlier in the day that she wasn't working but I didn't get any call or text from her about it. I asked her why she only works when AW is up, her reply was along the lines of "How can I work when AW is not working?"... I replied saying 'You agreed to see me at 6pm today, can't you see me without AW working?', she replied "No. If AW not working I don't work. This is my work!". I was curious at that point to see if AW was up or not so I checked on my phone and found that it was up, so I told her "AW is working now, are you going to see me now?", she replied "I dont working"... I didn't want to argue any further so just went home at that point.

Has anyone else had a WG cancel a booking just because AW is down? It doesn't seem right...am I missing something? :unknown:

I've seen her once before and that was booked over the phone, no AW booking... that experience was actually quite good, she is really cute and hot just like her pics, I was able to have some nice conversation with her and she did seem to enjoy it... maybe because that was the first day she was working independently... but this experience has shown me another side to her personality...Bad communication, irrational arguments and just generally rude, plus negative reports from others so don't think I'll be seeing her again :thumbsdown:

Offline Jerboa

That's a bit shit to stop all work because AW Is down, even when you've pre booked, doesn't she have regulars that will visit without AW, sound like a rubbish excuse, AW was down so she's pissed off somewhere for the day.

She used to work around king's cross tube station and she was a mixture of italian and arabic.
Now she turned into a polish.


Are not mixed up with Hot Amerra?

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Offline baltar

Aaaand off the list she goes...

Wish I'd seen this thread before I saw Jameela a couple of months back...

Called her up at short notice, told her I wanted to see her for an hour and was very interested in partaking of her anal services. She agreed so I drover over to her place, which at the time was in east London somewhere.

Got there and she tells me she can only see me for 30 minutes. At this point my cock overruled my brain. She was looking really hot and frankly I wanted to get stuck into her! So we sort out the cash situation, a little light on the lips kissing and some unenthusiastic owo. On with the condom and a bit of standard mish. Pretty mechanical stuff. Then I suggest we get into the anal. She turned over into doggy position and I slide myself slowly up her arsehole. To be fair at this point she did perk up a little  :D She had a lovely tight little arse and took me in all the way. Just a shame the overall experience was so ... unenthusiastic.

So did you get charged for the Anal?  If so how much did you pay?

What was her rates for a 30mins session?


I used to see her when she was working with some other girls in kentish Town ,

She was very good and used to working with  Sophie , Nicole and few more ..

Those times she never does anal , She was speaking Polish .

Anyone seen this girl recently? Some feedback from March saying that she was/is pregnant - can anyone confirm? Would strike her off my hotlist if so... :scare:

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