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Author Topic: miassx adultwork Saxmundham IP17  (Read 9152 times)

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Offline tda666

Hilarious really, I was sitting watching tv with the missus as the abuse starting coming in so I couldn't reply at the time until she went to bed. Probably a good thing that by the time I was able to sign in, HP had reported (him / her) and they were banned.

As a first time contributor to this site I find it amusing that my recommendation could cause such a furore in such a short time. It definitely looks like certain respondents have some other agenda judging by their comments.

In my case, yes I am a client of miassx and no I did not get a freebie. As my first experience with her was so outstanding and she is such an amazing girl I felt compelled to spread the word.

In regard to her age maybe she is older than 23 but non-the-less she is a very beautiful babe and has a wonderful attitude to customer satisfaction, so I'm not going to complain about a minor exaggeration in that attribute.

All I can say is in all my 50 years of trial and error I have never found any girl with such an insatiable appetite for sexual pleasure and double blessed with such an incredible gift of continuous multiple orgasms.

Don't miss out on this, you will be satisfied and you will never forget your experience with miassx.


Offline tda666

There were only 5 regular members that actually posted comments on this thread and we all have a pretty extensive posting history on this site....

HP over 1,000 posts
Skittish over 1,000 posts
Finn nearly 800 posts
Vt nearly 150 posts
..... and me over 400 posts.

I can pretty much guarantee that none of us have 'another agenda' as you now suggest.
You signed up on here and posted a report on a WG which we very kindly took the time comment on which is what this site is all about.
If you had taken the time to read some historical threads on here you would realise that an opening post from a new member that reads like fucking Mills & Boon is going to get scrutinised by other members on here. That is what we are all here to do, give advise, comment on experiences, help each other out but also flush out anyone that is trying to have us over. If someone is trying to fabricate a review on a WG then that could lead to another member being led by a false report. This may not be the case at all in this instance and if you look back at my comments you will see that I didn't question the authenticity of the post, I merely poked fun at the profile and the fluffiness of your report.
If you are a genuine member then I would advise that you refrain from posting for a while and just stay in the background and observe how people conduct themselves on here by leaving comments and giving advise then you may come to realise how amusing your very first post was and why a few of us took the piss.

Offline American in town

just read all you guys posts and very interesting indeed  see i gotta be here for  a few months i mean you all create controversy because you all  squabble among each other about who is the best girl who is a pimp etc so i gotta say i am a little worried posting here , i only arrived last night and i do not know shit so any of you gonna help me ? only honest advice please i am headed Leiston way so any recommendations from a genuine  punter will be appreciated no dis respect but i a am little freaked some of you are supposed pimps true or not i do not know i do not want to put myself in a dangerous position and end up being robbed by a pimp i do not know if i am doing the right thing being here you all supposed to be a brotherhood advising each other but there is a lot of hate accusations and getting some of your brothers banned  wether out of spite or not and all sorts of  shit going down  but i still want to try and get advice, genuine punters  only please who does anyone reccomend in Leiston ? ideally you would have seen them ? thanx for your time, peace!

Offline Barri 46

Saw this ladies info on A.W. Spoke to her on phone she sounded very nice, she must have had problems with an ex who she admitted when we met was an ex husband.Very security minded extremely good looking excellent service read her blogs you'll see what a treat you could be in for. Will surly see her again.

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