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Author Topic: taking the piss?  (Read 1991 times)


I don't think so but it's truly horrible!  :scare:

Offline Lz-129

Only likes seamen but will consider taking piss internally

No RAF!!! Lol

Online Cactus

Strange strange profile, but one of the finest duvet covers you are ever likely to see.

It's a bit of a family affair, the step mum would scare piss of a nettle, but the step sister isn't too bad.

As for the piss internally bit  :vomit:

Offline ManBat

Banning reason: Long suspected to be previously banned but now alleged to be posting fake positive reviews to pretend to be genuine

Offline skittish

I'm surprise they haven't thrown Lurch and Cousin Itt into the mix.

Seeing the family and realising that your are booking the munter of the bunch.  :vomit:

Is there an expectation of breeding here? :scare:

Piss inside?  :timeout

Is that like the CIM of watersports?

I would if I could but I can't ... pop up to Scotland. Mister happy gets hard just looking at her photo.

mind you, test cert? reminds me of that television test cert which used to be displayed when there were no programmes

Offline A new world

I'd do her sister.

haha I thought the same thing this morning but forgot to post it.

Offline pilgrim

I know that the submariners might be desperate after being in a sub for a while but I dont think they would touch a whale like that!!

The Royal Marines are part of the Royal Navy so she should reword her profile.  I doubt any RAF would want to touch her but could use her for air dropped munitions practice.

Offline toon972

£130-1 hour   £300-2 hours  :wackogirl:

Offline MikeBWales

Jesus Christ!  Now where did I put my banjo!

I love how she clarifies they're straight so no girl on girl like it'd be fine to cop off with your stepmum and stepsister otherwise.

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