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Author Topic: hotel rules?  (Read 1062 times)

Offline Dime.

How do you do hotel meets? Just to go up to talk in the room of course

If the hotel has lift keycards you need to scan, how do you go about getting up to there room? Do you let them come down and meet you outside-lobby-bar? And go up with each other? What do you do to get around this?

And how do the girls get around it with no one seeing?

Offline milo

If I have understood your question correctly you are asking about visiting a WG who is using a hotel as her incall venue.

This is a fairly common concern of punters who haven't experienced this before and there have been a few threads in the past that you can find by doing a search.

Here is a link to one such thread to get you started https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=60200.0

Basically, you can expect the lady you are visiting to advise you and guide you to her room. She will probably have selected a hotel to work from that is escort and punter "friendly".

As to how the lady gets away without being seen, well, that's not your problem. In many cases the hotel may well be aware of what is going on and even if they are it is very unlikely that they even care.

The chances are she has choosen a hotel that is probably busy with plenty of people heading through reception through the course of a day. Also a hotel with probably no key cards needed.

Always try if I am staying away to make sure I am at a small group of hotels I use what follow the above.

Visited a WG in the Ibis West Thurrock some time back . In conversation about hotel rules, she said "they know what I do. Even offered me the room next to another WG."

Offline Alvin

Never yet had to visit a WG in a keycard lift.  The worst I have had was when the stairs were immediately next to the reception desk in a small hotel where the reception was only big enough for 4 people to stand in.  Just walked through ignoring everyone. 

I have had on 2 occasions that hotels I have used for outcalls had installed keycards the week before I stayed there, I had used them 2 weeks previous for non punting reasons when there were no keycards hence using them for outcalls.  In those occassions 1 I met her outside the hotel and we just walked in together and the other I said I could meet but she just popped into the lift with someone with a keycard, first I knew was when she knocked on the door.  Always worth booking a busy hotel with a bar on the ground floor.

The wg said come to 2nd floor and I will meet you at the lift. I thought she was being super cautious about revealing her room number but went along with it. I could access the lift on the ground floor ok, but needed a keycard to enter the corridor. I didn't know this until I got out of the lift!

Immediately regretted it when the lift doors opened, just a family waiting to get in, and left me trapped in a tiny lobby area trying to get wg on the phone. She was only a few moments but long enough for the other lift to arrive full of people. Discreet? NOT!

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