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Author Topic: Sexy_Exotic_Gabriela in Coventry?  (Read 663 times)

Offline davegill101

I'm fairly new to punting and very nervous, after looking around I've found this lady (https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1864117) but she only has 1 rating - does anyone know her?

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Offline sanjman

I booked to see her a few weeks ago.  Communication was all by text.  Made an appointment to see her, turned up on time and gave 5 mins notice that I was nearly there.  I reached her door, texted her to say I was there and knocked on the door. 

What felt like a couple of minutes passed and no one opened the door.  I could here voices behind the door (foreign language).  Something made me feel uncomfortable.  Although the street was a quiet residential road, I still felt exposed standing outside for so long, so I left.  I texted to say I was leaving. 

A full 10 mins later she texted back asking why. I explained, said it didn't feel right so left.  She said to come now but I said I was already back on the motorway, so she said ok bye.  Never tried to make appointment again.

Make of it what you will.

Offline davegill101

sanjman, thanks for your comments.

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