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Author Topic: WG profile pictures updating after punt.  (Read 516 times)

Offline Rasil84

This has happen to me on two occasions where the WG picture gallery gets updated within 24hours after the punt and she's wearing what I saw at the punt. After slapping myself silly for a reality check. I gather this is a way for the WG to get you (if you choose too of course) to return?
If so makes me wonder if the pictures were taken by a male pimp or a WG WG friend.

Offline haystacks79

I have no idea where the notion that updating pictures is to encourage you to return comes from.

However, yes, I have seen the galleries update just after I've seen a girl - in one case she told me she'd had new photos taken earlier in the day, and with 2 others I took the photos and they appeared a few days later, so hardly a surprise in any of these cases.

Offline Dani

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Also when we have photos done we tend to have quite a lot done in different outfits and it can take hours to upload them all on AW as it does not like decent quality photos being uploaded more than 4 at a time.  So it is easier  to stick a few of them on every couple of days.

It has nothing to do with seeing a client wearing one outfit then quickly taking photos to put on the profile hoping he comes back as that would mean some of us would have to change our profile picture between 3 and 10 times a day so that every client came back.
That does not make any sense at all does it and would take up so much time it would not be worth it.

If anything she would put up a photo in a different outfit hoping you would want to see her in that as well

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