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Author Topic: FFM with the wife  (Read 1128 times)


I noticed that quite a lot of WG's offer threesome fun with your wives or girlfriends but has anyone ever done this? I'm sure there are plenty of couples out there living hedonistic lifestyles, maybe into swinging or the wife or girlfriend is bi. So in those circumstances have you booked a WG as a surprise for your other half? I had an ex who was bi-curious. We talked a lot about how we could satisfy her curiosity and eventually I did book a girl and she freaked out and it never happened. She wasn't freaked by the fact that I had booked a girl, it was simply that the reality of something happening made her realise she wasn't as curious as she thought.


A tumbleweed just blew past this thread!

Offline toon972

could have just been a mirage

Offline aardvark

What, the tumbleweed or the wife agreeing to punt as a couple???? :wacko: :coolgirl:

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Did you wake up with your face in your cornflakes  :lol:

Just to blow some life into this thread, as someone who's into 1-2-1s; not for me, thanks! ;)

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