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Author Topic: Sandra of Oxford  (Read 3833 times)

9 review(s) for HOT SANDRA HOT (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

Hi Chaps, I picked this girly purely at random about a year ago. I had been up North with a mate at a gig and I was driving back feeling very hungover and randy (you know the feeling!) and the missus wasn't expecting me back for awhile so I thought a quick call into Oxford would do the trick.

I have punted for many years but I have never had a GFE like this:


She is amazing guys and I have been addicted since. She loves to kiss and really moans softly as she does it. Sandra is a bit shy and not much of a talker to be fair but she does like sex and does snogs you like your lover. I now pop off once a week to see her during lunch and come back feeling like Superman!

I almost don't want to share but I feel I need to get somebody else on here who will agree that you will not find a better more passionate lover than her. It almost feels like I having sex with a mistress than a working girl. The thing I love about her the most is that she really wants to cum herself and will carry on riding you for a moment if you have cum before her so that she can orgasm as well.

She's a first class ride my friends, treat her well.

Parking and security in the area is cool btw, it's a house that is not over looked or anything.

Offline Stiltskin

Hi Chaps, I picked this girly purely at random about a year ago.

Why did she ditch her old profile? This one is only a couple of months old.

I think it was something to do with AW and getting verified or something. She did tell me but I wasn't really listening.

I'm fucking her tomorrow so I can check again.

Offline tom269u001

Who else is good in the area? Or are you her pimp? Or, hello Sandra!

Lol- none of the above chap! An honest appraisal from one her happy customers.

To be honest, Oxford is not great at the moment IMHO, but I have been wanting to try an independent called Rebecca but I always leave it too late and I can't get the time I want with her.

There was also an awesome working girl called Demi I used to see at Newbury Massage (not too far from Oxford) but that got shut down just before Xmas. She was a lovely slim brunette and I would love to track her down again, but I have no idea where she went after that.

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