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Author Topic: Fantasy baby  (Read 977 times)

Offline Acer

Anybody had the pleasure yet?


She looks cracking.

Offline rpg

If she's been working as an escort for years as she says she'd have better photos than that! Even the descriptions in the PG suggest "facebook" type photos. £60 quid an hour for a young English girl??
Picture seller IMO

Online James999

Looks Like a classic Fake profile / Gallery Scam  :hi:

Offline Acer

Thought so. Well I've emailed her and if there's no response then I'd have to question her authenticity to the admin peeps.

She looks nice and is very local to me, shame she's probably a fake.

Offline toolboy55

Yes, I'd seen the profile and fancied her as well, not too far away from me.
I too questioned the anomaly of "been escorting for years" with the rather low fee and the girl next door type pics. Perhaps if anybody gets a reply from her or meets her they could let us know.

I did email, no response - fake

Offline toolboy55

I did email, no response - fake
I thought as much.
Could be another example of bf or ex putting up a fake profile. Doesn't seem like there's much that AW can do to prevent it. It's a case of caveat emptor - buyer beware!

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