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Author Topic: Hannh Guildford (at present)  (Read 1469 times)

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I was suckered big time by this woman at the Travelodge in Guildford. Rather than go through the full history there is a thread on her on auto-censored.
Booked an hour at £120 with anal included. Booked for 14:30 but was told that if I arrived early just call her. Called just before 14:00 and got directed to the Travelodge. Eventually get a call with the room number and knock on the door. She's still in a tracksuit - didn't have time to get dressed because I was early! Handed the money over and got asked did i want to pay another £50 for two girls. Didn't really want to spend any more but eventually handed over another £30. As the others have said she disappeared into the bathroom and I could hear her talking - I presumed she was calling the second girl. Reappeared and took off her top to reveal obviously enhanced tits. She got on the bed, the bathroom door opened and Godzilla appeared! The fat bird got straight down to covered oral whilst I had the fake tits rolled across my chest. I was in danger of coming very quickly and mentioned that perhaps the second time would be slower. No chance - one pop only I was told. Ended up just giving in and getting the most expensive poor blow job and wank that I've ever had. Went into the bathroom to clean up and there were 8 mobiles lined up, this in addition to the one in the bedroom. I was back in the car by 14:25, very pissed off and angry with myself. I knew I had read about this pair and always thought that I would recognise the scam but I was wrong!
Did think about a consolation shag with a cheap EE, also in Guildford, but when I rang she was in the same bloody hotel and there was no way I was going back.

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