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Author Topic: Avaline - House of Divine South Ken - timid but a smokin' body  (Read 1373 times)

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I wish their was a 'neutral' button on this one.
Im a HOD regular. I saw Avaline on her first few days at HOD SK.

The photos dont lie. this is one fit looking girl. I'd say 21 is true. killer body; long legs, tiny waist, flat abs, amazing tits, pretty face. As requested, she turned up in tight super short black dress, no underwear and killer heels. i could have jerked off just looking at her. she is young and fit as fuck.

but but but.. a bit too ridgid. no fk or dfk. no CIM. she does OWO pretty well. She's quite 'straight' in her delivery. Doesnt speak much english, so its tricky to work out how far she will go. she tends to reach down and hold the johnny on - that or she doesnt like it too deep,  so it's bit odd.  See report 112801 on ProssieNet.

but here's why overall I chose positve rather than negative; I'd popped a Priligy pill a couple of hours before and that meant I knew I wasnt going to cum anytime soon.  I worked out pretty quick that once i was fucking her, it would be good. It was for me. it not often you are faced with such a young, super fit girl. Flipped her about a bit. Doggy, mish and cowgirl. So, having that hot body and fucking her hard for a long time (well, for me anyway!).. that made it a good punt in the end.

In a way the contrast between all the super dirty and experienced HOD girls (lara / pixie / ella etc) was worthwhile.

So, if you want engaged and playful and experienced and super dirty she's not for you. Want to have your way with a very cute girl and know that's all you'll get, go for it.

And hopefully, in 6/12 months, she'll widen her 'services' and I'll be back for sure.

is it me, but is there an increase in the reports that say HOD negative, or neutral?

@Victor - yes, it does seem you are right and that coming from someone who is usually very happy with HOD. but ive had a few not so good experiences of late (and I am a easy punter) at HOD.. just added the same point to the review on Olga.

Offline Straife

Not surprising, a lot of their more popular and established girls have left/leaving (and all in a short span of time). Where a girl used to have to earn her stripes in MK before working at HOD, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. More out of necessity than anything I'd imagine.

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