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Author Topic: Punting and MH  (Read 1443 times)

Offline Sosa56

Has anyone ever wondered whether punting is an addictive form of escapism for them much like drugs or gambling? I'm not trying to insinuate in any way people on here do use punting in that way but I've been wondering myself recently if that's the real reason I myself punt.
Obviously I enjoy the rush of meeting a female stranger knowing it's purely going to be for sex and knowing I'm going to 'have my way with her' but lately after punts I've been coming away with a feeling of 'why the fuck did I just do that? What a waste of cash (even if the punt was averae or good)'. For me at least it feeds into a cycle of low-self esteem which is why I would tend to seek out a punt in the first place because obviously I want sex but don't feel comfortable/confident enough to approach civvy girls. But then again I really like the no strings element and that I know I can walk away afterwards without the associated emotional stuff and difficulty/pain that can bring. Maybe I'm over thinking it.....

Interested to hear anyone elses' thoughts/experiences   


I think you are over thinking it, tbh.

I don't have self esteem issues - I'm 41 and could get with women of my age. i just prefer a nice 20 year old if its a fuck-for-fun.

Like I posted before on a similar thread, my partner can and does meet 20-somethings for one-nighters, its the way shit is.  Guys have to pay top dollar for younger pussy but she gets younger guys for free.

Offline mh

Well as I am apparently the subject of the thread :cool: I'd say that for me it was no more addictive than anything else that I enjoy doing! I enjoy it so I do it again.

What did you actually mean "Punting and MH" anyway?

It was interesting to read your analysis, Sosa, because I used to have the self-esteem issues to which you refer.  I've never done drugs and my only gamble is £5 a week on the national lottery.  My wife had passed away about 18 months before my first punt and I didn't have the confidence to date in Civvy Street [I was in my mid-50s at the time] so, needing to have sex [rather than as an alternative to drugs or gambling], I started visiting Parlours.

Initially, I went through the "kid in a sweetshop" syndrome which I'm sure many new punters experience, and spent much too much on my punting; and, yeah, looking back on it now, I regret having spent some of that money.

About 12 - 18 months after I started punting, I went through a bad time personally [every month, it seemed as if another family member or long-standing friend died] and my GP arranged for me to see a counsellor, who was really helpful, although the one thing I didn't open up to her about was, of course, my punting.  The counsellor helped me get my head round the low self-esteem issues and I then started seeing "Indies" [almost always milfs], rather than visiting Parlours.  Which I've carried on doing and will continue to do so for as long as I can.

My wife & I had no kids and I've no mortgage; so with inflation being higher than the rate of interest I can get on my savings, I see little point in putting much in the bank these days.  So, while not going silly with my punting, I enjoy it on the no-strings basis you write about.  In some ways, it's better than that for me - you didn't say whether or not you have "regulars"; but I do and I reckon it's the best of all worlds, having sex reasonably regularly with attractive women with whom I get on well but don't have any emotional ties to.

Well as I am apparently the subject of the thread :cool: I'd say that for me it was no more addictive than anything else that I enjoy doing! I enjoy it so I do it again.

What did you actually mean "Punting and MH" anyway?

I took it to mean that the Op meant "Punting and Mental Health".  Can Sosa confirm that guess, please?

Offline Ludwig

I took it to mean that the Op meant "Punting and Mental Health". 
+ 1

Offline Matium

Well as I am apparently the subject of the thread :cool:

I don't think the OP is referring to you personally.

MH = Mental Health

Offline Outcallguy

I think if you are coming away from a punt feeling like it was a waste of money and it's lowering your self esteem you need to see different girls.

I tend to find that WGs who give off the air that they may be forced into this, or are only after your money. Really leave you feeling like shit afterwards, as you have effectively just bought someone like a slave, and used them before walking off.

When you book a lady who actually reads your emails and replies to them sensibly (ie has got some sort of education) you tend to be able to click with them more and have sex which is fun and enjoyable for both of you.
When you both leave happy you won't feel like you've wasted your money.

If you're having difficult approaching Civvy girls read "The game" by Neil Strauss


It's often in the self help section of book shops! but it's actually a really good read (airport novel)
and will help your self esteem even if, like me, you don't follow any of the advice or use the cheap tactics they do.

Also get on plenty of fish and go on some dates (even though you may feel odd talking to girls for a while, it took me 10 dates) just meeting new people  and chatting to them helps raise self esteem.
If you're not going to meet them at work you have to get out there.

All in my opinion of course.

Offline Sosa56

Yeah MH = Mental Health, I didn't want to use the term as it's still a bit of a dirty phrase even today, and I thought the acronym MH was fairly well known and would be relatively clear given the content of my post.

Cheers for the replies, interesting to see others' take on my situation. Thanks especially to Rochdull for being candid and to friendlyone for his advice. I think I have been guilty of trying to go for the cheapest punts possible (because I have a high sex drive and modest means currently) which inevitably leaves me mostly ending up seeing EEs who can be real heartless cows and tend to give the whole experience a really seedy sordid air. I think getting a couple of nice English regulars whom I click with and who give at least the impression of enjoying my company without getting into that state where they seem to be getting a little too attached for my liking (has happened with a couple of pros I used to see fairly frequently, so I had to cut them off) sounds good. I have started to see a Civvy recently on and off, trouble is I'm so nervous going out with her and it hasn't quite got to the physical stage yet that I'm finding more and more cause to go back to old habits. 
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Offline Essex3

For me it's not a self esteem issue. I need sex but don't have the time or effort for a relationship, if you boink a girl you know then not do anything about it, she starts hating you. With punting you get sex without the strings attached.

If you feel like its a waste of money you've had bad punts. The way I see it is that it's a service for my needs. There's good service and bad service. Good ones you return to, bad ones you don't.

I had such a bad punt yesterday [worst one I've had in a lo-o-o-ng time] that I was thinking of this thread during parts of it! :scare:

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