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Offline Marmalade

Front page leader-taster and two and half pages inside tonight. The main story - fairly heartbreaking stuff if you have a tear for it - is an interview with a street prossie, well written. It also includes facts like the number of attacks on street workers soared tenfold in Edinburgh, (tracking those reported to the charity Scotpep) to more than 100 last year, compared with just 11 in 2001, before the city scrapped its tolerance zone.

There's an online voting facility where you can express your views or just vote on whether the law should allow prostitution (no need to register or anything). Please check it.

There's also interesting background that touches on a number of points that have been raised on the forum such as a husband tolerating his wife working as a prostitute, how she got into the business, and comments from MSP (Scottish MP) Margo Macdonald who is almost single-handedly trying to protect the right of the vulnerable in the face of attempts by MSP Trish Godman to introduce harsh new legislation. Can't see Margo's article which appears in the print edition.

Follow the links and there's many other good articles though, including a feature by the articulate activist escort Laura Lee
(I don't mind including a link to her blog where she has also written this letter to the Scottish fuckwit Parliament:

The Evening News also has an article where the Balmoral Hotel (one of the most expensive in the city) gets humphy about the 'vile' trade of high class WGs meeting high class customers (a contrast to the low class WGs being beaten with hammers by low class customers, as featured in the earlier article).

Notice how they are all 'vice girls' (rhymes with 'vile') hence VGs rather than WGs.

Fancy a sauna? Edinburgh's answer that has saved so many lives (among other things) as opposed to nightmarish paranoia that routinely stalks the streets and venues of Glasgow and the land down south is also up for the chop. http://edinburghnews.scotsman.com/edinburghssexindustry/Call-for-outright-ban-on.4653578.jp

Fancy a wee kerb crawl? In the unlikely event you are tempted to recycle some dosh to the ladies with methadone freezing in their veins, remember official policy is to let them freeze while the police fine you up to £1000. Kerb crawling probably includes doing it without a car as well, so drink-drivers don't feel left out.
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