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Author Topic: Ana Marie aka Amaryy as previously reported upon  (Read 3116 times)

4 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 1938187) (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

Someone previously reported on this girl and gave positive.  I'm starting new thread--I think it's worth it.

The moment the door opened (after about a 60 mile drive for me, on Friday night) I said to myself, Well, another very exotic, hot Romanian.  She looks just like her pictures.  Some of these Romanian girls look like  those she-devils from Fellini films--really very exotic with more than a bit of devil in the eye.

She's a bit nicer looking in person face-wise--she's really pretty damn sexy.  There's something slightly hard about her face, and she wears more than average makeup cos I think her skin is a bit blotchy.  (Repeat: She is damn sexy, I'm just pointing out some details). 

Her body is perfection.  She greeted me in a way I quite like--in a bathrobe, huge slippers, recently having showered.  I don't need all the fancy dresses and makeup--not a bit.  She dropped the robe and was wearing a bikini top.  As she moved around, her tits wobbled in about 6 different directions--completely beautifully natural.  She was quite friendly too, kissign me on the cheek, calling me darling, etc.  Her face and her photos look a bit tough and hard, but she isn't--tho there's an exception to this.

I told her to get nekkid right away.  My jaw dropped along with her bikini top.  She's got a truly superb pair of tits.  They're not enormous, they're just beautiful to behold.  C cup or maybe D, ever so slightly droopy--but I love that maternal look.  Gorgeous nipples/areolas.  On a body with no fat at all, and she's maybe 5 foot 5 or so.  I've seen much bigger tits in my lifetime ,and from some AW girls, but none prettier.  Her profile does not talk about her tits being perfect or C or D--she's not advetising herself well!  In a way, her body doesn't go with her face.  Her body is angelic, maternal, lovely, almost innocent.  Her face is smoldering, raw, raunchy--you'd expect that face to be matched with big plastic tits.  At the FKK clubs, with some 100 girls walking around, her body would rank at the very, very top.  It's easily Page 3/Nuts/Zoo material--tho not quite Rhiann Sugden!

Based on previous report I feared I was going to get a 'bill' for each service I requested (which for me is only OWO and CIM).  ON the phone I made sure that OWO was included in her £90/hour.  It was, and it was indeed.  CIM is entirely off the menu--she doesn't do it at all, period (she claimed to me at least).  I believe her profile says she does facials, but with me she said no.  So on that basis someone is going to say Negative.  She also says come as often as you like--this is definitely true.

This girl does not like to waste time and those of you that enjoy the actual act of fucking, the old in and out, I think this girl will wear you out.  We started with OWO, that was very nice.  After a decent time interval, she said, OK, sex now.  She didn't give me the fake orgasms and oooh and aaaah, and I'm glad she didn't.  But literally 5 minutes after we (or, I) was done, she wanted more fucking.  At first she started to put on a condom for round 2 but I asked to please OWO me again, which she did.  Shorter this time, and then on with the old in and out .

I'm pretty sure this girl prefers actual fucking to talking or oral or anything else.  She says she's been whoring since age 18, she's now 21, and there is about her the feel of someone who has done this a long time.  She isn't cold at all, but she is business like.  She said she's worked at FKK clubs in Germany (which is where I went today by coincidence).  So this, at the age of 21, is an experienced working girl.

But here's the interesting bit.  After round 2, which required a HJ for me to finish, getting old, we were getting dressed and she said she had a bad headache.  I told her I had aspirin if she wanted.  She said she had some.  She said it wasn't aspirin, she just needed to get fucked!  Maybe she's a nympho, the previous poster said she was ready for round 3, and I wouldn't be at all surprised.  She seems to just enjoy fucking.

Which reminds me.  I said to her, Look at you. . What a perfect body.  She said, No.  I said, Yes.  What don't you like.  She said, Here--and indicated her knees!  You don't like your knees I said, and laughed out loud.  No, ugly.  Of course her knees are perfectly normal--she's a thin gal so her legs are quite nice.

So, she's an open and friendly gal, but I don't call it a GFE as she's not terribly affectionate.  She's there to be fucked.  No CIM but OWO was fine.  Those of you that just want to fuck a very hot girl with beautiful natural tits, you got her.  Those, like me, that prefer a more intimate, closer, more GFE experience, you won't get that.   I'd double check everything with her on the phone--what she does, doesn't do.  ON the phone she was honest with me entirely (I didn't ask about facials, and she did say no CIM on the phone).

Offline loner

Sounds awesome, gonna give it a shot!

Any chance of a link please mate

Offline Essex3

Any chance of a link please mate

Scroll down on the reviews page and ul see another thread with a link

Apologies I took the original ticke to mean sthe amarry profile is no longer in use and she has a new one.. Gonna try and book her Friday She looks very nice

Offline SWLondon

She looks great - on the hot list and I'd be keen to see her in the next two weeks... although unfortunately I got ripped off by her PG (50p for 4 pics - 3 of which are her profile pics).

Offline loner

Saw her yesterday, £120 outcall. She is quite beautiful but I was actually abit disappointed because she is actuallly much thinner in person and being an ass man, this was abit dissappointing. Furthermore, I could not do RO or Kissing, she said that was £20 extra which I was not prepared to pay, although OWO was included.

Sex was ok, I guess she does like it, her pussy getting very wet whilst giving me owo. After sex, she was like, should i stay??? kinda not good attitude.

ANyways, it was ok, but overall negative for me.

She is thin, not overly so, just healthy.  Didn't really notice her ass.  Guys that want a meaty girl will be disappointed.   I did mention you need to verify everything with her on the phone.  If she senses you have money, she's going to try to get it so confirm things first.   It all depends on what you're after.  she is beautiful, has great tits, seems to love to actually fuck.  I didn't test RO or kissing but if you ask ahead of time she'll probably tell u the truth on the phone.

Offline Luke

I tried to book her via AW and called her twice as well and no response. Either she is very busy or not very reliable :thumbsdown:

Offline tda666


This is the link. Shame no feedback on her profile but a few reports on here.

4 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline ynothgnis

Which is the closest tube station to her?

Given that she charges extra for kissing (even though it's not written on her profile using her Adultwork link) seems like a wise idea to confirm everything over the phone and again in person...

Which is the closest tube station to her?

Given that she charges extra for kissing (even though it's not written on her profile using her Adultwork link) seems like a wise idea to confirm everything over the phone and again in person...

I was going To go and see her last week but she lives about a 25min walk from the closest station think it was about  1.4 miles Iraq was a dlr line station can't remember which now postcode is e16 3tats hickman close if that helps

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