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Author Topic: Anyone seen ThatPoshCollegeGirl of Norwich  (Read 1040 times)

Offline pokenn

As the title says just wondering if anyone knows this girl


More than I'm ususally willing to pay, but I'm ok with that if she's a really good punt. Seems up for most things and has some good feedback.

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Offline dayton123

I have not seen this lady, but she had a profile on AW before - I know this because of the photo in her public gallery titled 'Grassy'.

At the time, she had a profile in a location further north, and the pic was then ublurred.

She also had several entries in her blog of a femdom theme ie 'men serving her' and other similar related comments - in fact if you look  in her Priv. Gallery, the titles for each pic seem to bear this out.

Check also the last feedback she gave - twice she describes said client as 'obedient.'

If she is into femdom then owo / cim are very unlikely to be on offer.

It seems she has constructed a profile intended to ensure the max. number of hits.

If you are planning to see this lady, get exact confirmation of her likes / limits and ideally a phone number so you can confirm what is on offer.

Also, the stated age cannot be genuine. I would say mid 20s.

I haven't seen her but her profile looks similar to one on aw a year or so ago. I noticed the obedient client bit too. My intuition tells me it's a bit suspect. I'm gonna give it a wide berth.

Offline dayton123


I see you have posted since - any feedback you would care to share ?

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