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Author Topic: Courtney Camden  (Read 2396 times)


Anyone had experience of this girl?


Thinking of going later today.

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So I just went to see her. She is amazing great tits, great bod, tanned. DFK, OWO and CIM. Really great.

Highly recommended


Is it just me she looks like a transgender to me  :dash:


what ever she is she is fucking hot.  pardon my ignorance but she did have a rather nice shaved pussy!

Offline blue

How long did you stay for? What were the services like?

Offline skittish

How long did you stay for? What were the services like?

Couldn't have been long according to James pro$$ies don't get up until 12 so allowing for a couple of fags and a quick wipe down she'd be ready by 12.30 and the op was home to write his field report before the spunk could dry on her towel.

Well skittish, I was not aware that wk's don't get up early. So after calling a couple of times at 9.30 she told me that she didn't start until 10.30. So I visited around 12.00. I was quite pressed for time as I was on my lunch break so the quickie I received was perfect. I came hard but after a night on the beers the night before she did tell me that my cum was rather sour!

Offline DH

I am planning to see her soon. She will be my 1st english wg she looks good and seems *legit* hope i wont be disappointed. Will come back with an review.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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