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Author Topic: Naughty Slut Soph  (Read 6075 times)

Offline Big Red Gate

I just noticed her on AW. I am guessing she was Naughty Girl Soph. The famous shit eater from Bristol?

She looks tasty in her new pic but if it's the same girl is it worth trying ?

Offline PuntingPete



Assuming you're talking about the above profile then yes that is her. It's the same profile she's always had, just altered the name slightly from 'girl' to 'slut' by the look of it.

She know longer 'eats shit' as you put it,  Q. Do i do watersports?    A. I certainly do...but i do not do hardsports

It still looks like she's a busy girl, fully booked until Apr 3rd

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If you can get a booking with her i'd go for it. Took me a few months to be free at the same time as her. that was about 2 years ago tho :)

Offline Big Red Gate

Cheers. So she no longer eats shit but she still likes piss!?

I've read the other thread about her, she seems good but not very reliable.

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