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Author Topic: Gorgeous Sonia (AdultWork)  (Read 2022 times)

Offline ynothgnis

GORGEOUS_SONIA: https://www.adultwork.com/1669878

She seems to be in different locations depending on the week (I emailed her when she was in Aldgate / Whitechapel area in East London.

I initially emailed her and she said:

[...] Im available on 15th, but I cant say 100% ,becouse Im not working every day,sometimes 2 day per week,sometimes 4,is not depens of my,I have a boyfriend,so is difficult. I do normal service only,so oral with condon,sex with condom and body massage. I dont do kissing. [...]

I mentioned that her profile said she did french kissing in her likes list and then she took that option off.

One week later she has put it back on and now has French Kissing as an extra at £20. I asked her about it and she replied

i do,but is extra paid and at discretion,so not with everyone

Obviously I'm not going to see her at this point because she is far too inconsistent in what she says. Just wondering if this is even a real profile or someone just having a laugh? She does have positive feedback on AW.
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Has a couple of highly complimentary FRs on PN (by laptops who has a fine pedigree reports-wise)

Looks great but the fact that she's always on the move puts me off...

EDIT:  this is her pal...

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Offline billlybob

had tried to line up an appointment with vanessa but couldn't get a reply...was probably too impatient. lined up another visit for the time i wanted but then got a text back saying vanessa was free at the time i asked for...so i believe they exit...no idea what they look like or any level of service though...

Offline Dafc100

I have had the pleasure of seeing both girls.

Sonia is a stunning blond and I had a great 30min meet with her. Basic protected services, but that's fine by me.

Vanessa is a cheeky young girl, about 20 I think. Have seen her twice and would certainly go back. Once again protected basic GFE services offered.

I was looking for her yesterday, but her profile seems to have gone. Shame.

They both work(ed) together from various hotels across London, changing location every 4 days or so.

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