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Author Topic: Kylie Flirt  (Read 2216 times)


I am in West Ken Thursday and wonder about Kylie Flirt:

https://www.adultwork.com/1393335 or https://www.adultwork.com/Kylie+Flirt

Has anyone that has seen her got a view on value - £140 inc. anal so not as cheap as you can get a bucket EE for?  I read she smokes too - is that heavy as in she stinks of cigs?


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Offline A new world

Do a search mate there are quite a few threads on here about her although if she parties as hard as her flatmate Jessie Kisses i wouldn't bother going on a Sunday.

Also that new picture she has put up is so unflattering she looks terrible and no one is going to believe that she is 21, I saw her in the kitchen as I was leaving and was going to mention it to her then thought I would just abuse from her so didn't bother.

Offline ghighi

i agree mate, i would say she is late 20's. Bet my arse not 21  :dash:

Offline ynothgnis

I saw Kylie last April and had a fantastic time with her, she really makes an effort for her to client to come away happy, and to me, in person face to face she has the sexiest smile I've ever come across. She is popular for a good reason.

I would've visited her again but when she came back from holiday, in the same vein as her flatmates, she updated her FAQ to say she no longer will see black guys (I'm Indian and she still see's Indian's). That new update to her FAQ put me off ever visiting her again as I find that kind of thinking very offensive.
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