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Author Topic: decisions, decisions, decisions  (Read 4421 times)

Offline MKDons

To the OP - from looking at all 3 steer well clear - the first 2 are way over priced for services being offered & the 3rd (agency) looks very dodgy too - I tried to see the girl they now call "Isabella Blonde" when she was in Hammersmith & it was bait & switch.

Thanks for sharing your research & hope you don't get screwed.....AW (at least from my perspective) has recently declined in standards, especially in C London....

Offline Mrfixit

Yet another grossly overpriced hooker, £250 an hour is simply taking the piss, little wonder you recommend her.    :bomb:

I Totally agree
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Mrfixit, Daddylong)

Offline jasmine

I Totally agree

Not taking the piss at all. We're entitled to charge what we like. I see 1-3 clients a week due to working full time and studying, and I like to maintain a nice lifestyle in such an expensive city, so once I've paid tax, rent and bills etc I like to have enough residual cash to make it worthwhile!

Thank you Rebecca  :kiss:, nice for someone who knows me to comment x

Regarding my AW feedback - I don't work much as it is, and I hardly get any work through there, as I don't pay to advertise my number and do the available today and featured profile thing. Most my work comes via the directories I advertise on directing people to my site. Despite being talked about (fortunately all positively!) on auto-censored nobody seems to have reviewed me on there.

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