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    Author Topic: London / Pornstar Melissa 69 – Poplar  (Read 1051 times)

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    I see she has returned but will probably only be around for about a week based on her previous pattern.
    Saw her this Summer, 1 hour, £140, same house and floor that Amadea Linda used in Poplar – possibly the same flat?
    Comm’s definitely via her Maid.
    I would guess that her Profile photo’s are from about 6 years ago and she now seems to have darker skin.
    She says age 27, I’d put her closer to 34.
    Don’t think she states her height – I’d guess 5’7”/5’8”, Size “8”.
    “C” Enhanced, not that bad but still just not my preference.
    The “B” tattoo on her right wedding finger is the start of her Name and a “Star” across her back.
    Poor English so difficult to converse with and slightly awkward to get acquainted.
    A bit giggly/shy.
    I was not told to take a shower (!) but said I wanted to wash my hands – don’t know what you’re likely to pick up from the Tube! :vomit:
    I helped her arrange the bed and then she simply removed her wonderful stretchy/stringy/holey dress without prompting!
    Other than the ‘Enhanced’, a wonderful figure!
    The kissing was tentative/good throughout, nothing over-powering, but it improved when I said her lipstick tasted nice!
    Clean shaven but a couple of days previous!    :D
    She deliberately stopped me doing RO and a finger in because although she was enjoying it she said she knew she’d cum and become lazy!
    Her OWO was very nice and she continued a bit, after the condom, to make sure that I was ready for her!
    She had a sometimes good, sometimes erratic rhythm in Cowgirl, but a lovely sight and it was good enough to make me cum quite quickly - I can’t afford to muck around with edging/holding back at my age – if I’m getting close, I’ll take it!
    She’s had some good Reviews and this is just another one.
    Your choice.

    Looks fit but for 140 I expect to be in a half decent location,that flat isn't great and poplar is a hellhole  :scare:

    Offline mrhappypants

    Hmmn....this flat is consistently 'pricy'.  Not sure that I want to encourage business in this area.
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