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Author Topic: MissWelshKandice - Cardiff  (Read 2344 times)

26 review(s) for MissWelshKandice (26 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Fluffy alert. Fluffy alert. If you are offended by overly positive commentary on SPs, click away now  :rolleyes:

With a great deal of anticipation I made my first visit to Kandice today. My expectations were high. And they were exceeded

Whilst I certainly wouldn't shag a munter, I'm usually willing to put up with some imperfections if the SP is passionate and horny. But, in an ideal world, I (and I'm guessing the rest of you too), want someone beautiful, with a killer body. But who is also horny and passionate. Those lucky enough to have seen Kandice (and I know there are many on this forum) will know that this describes her to a tee.

Is she perfect?  Well, if you don't like enhanced tits she may not be the girl for you. Thought they are amongst the best I've been lucky enough to get my mitts on. Not all will like her bright red hair. And, service wise, she doesn't allow you to insert fingers insider her.

What you do get is a girl who is drop dead, head turningly, attractive. With a tall, toned, slim body that is built for sin. DFK, RO, fantastic blow jobs and very vigorous fucking in several postions. The image of Kandice grinding herself on my cock whilst I chewed on her nipples and looked up at her gorgeous eyes will be in the wank bank for a long time to come.  :wacko:

She's not cheap, at £150/hour. But there are more expensive girls out there. I'd be interested to know- and hopefully will one day find out - what they provide that she doesn't.

https://www.adultwork.com/2921233 or https://www.adultwork.com/MissWelshKandice -
[Link added by admin]

26 review(s) found for MissWelshKandice linked to in above post (26 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Redevil86

Ain't she the bollox GP, will be tip toeing to her door soon, she is a doll and you can see now why I just keep going back, I'm itching to see loads of s p's but never think of not going to hers once a month, chuffed you had a good one.

Thanks Red. She will certainly have me making return visits. Not least because, looks, body and service aside, she is also a really lovely, genuine person.

Fuck me, I really do need to take an anti-fluffy pill  :rolleyes:

Offline webpunter

Fluffy alert. Fluffy alert.
Head's gone.  Where's the link ? We can find her but can't be fucked to search.  Rules is Rules !  School-boy error with your head in the clouds  :D

Nice one Grumpy,  and not at all fluffy. 

There's a good reason why anytime someone asks for a recommendation around here someone (or everyone) will suggest Kandice.

26 review(s) found for MissWelshKandice linked to in above post (26 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks Gathca.

And apologies for not posting the link. Head in the shed. Or, more accurately, still between those tits  :cool:

Offline Redevil86

Thay are the best tits ever , the  surgeon should be knighted for services to punting .

Offline webpunter

https://www.adultwork.com/2921233 or https://www.adultwork.com/MissWelshKandice
Thanks - OP still ain't got his head straight.  Can see why looking @ her pics.  Her rack is amazing.  The rest ain't too shabby either.  Top review OP
See that she's a sensible burd & is soon due to be heading east over the bridge to civilisation on tour  :P  Hope the pricing doesn't go up

26 review(s) found for MissWelshKandice linked to in above post (26 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline lucozing

Great review!!  I must make visit to see her!!!

Glad you had great visit GP... See nothing wrong with a fluffy review provided your happy with meet who cares  :D

Hope the pricing doesn't go up

I noticed last time, her profile said the price would go up when she arrived at the tour location, so maybe book ahead for for a better deal!

I once booked for Cardiff while she was away on tour.  The booking went through on AW at the higher tour rate, but she noticed and only charged me the "home" rate on the day with no prompting which impressed me :thumbsup:
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Offline Redevil86

She tours every week , see her profile,  in Cardiff 3 or four days tours the rest of the week, she spreads her self around so not to get stuck in a rut I think, so she taps in to 3 or 4 regions in a month, clever when you think about it.

Great review Grumpy.  She's really good is Kandice.  I have already seen her twice and will try and see her again before the end of the year.  :hi:

Got my first meet with kandice booked. Looking forward to it but feeling ever so slightly nervous though going by the reviews I know it's gonna be awesome  :P

Got my first meet with kandice booked. Looking forward to it but feeling ever so slightly nervous though going by the reviews I know it's gonna be awesome  :P

Good luck but please leave a review always good to see reviews from a newbie point  :drinks: :hi:

Will do and cheers jester.

Think the whole nerves thing are more about going to hers and getting in discreetly than the actual meeting kandice

She's one of the top girls in Wales...
Don't worry! She look after you...
And great start to your punting meeting the cream. Not the dredges 👌
This forum will help you avoid the shite punts :hi:

Online Mil 34

She's up there with my favourite girls I've seen. Long overdue a visit myself

Crazy ain't it Mil she's never appealed to me...
seen reviews etc. And appreciate the quality ladies. But never made my H/l
Each to their own  :thumbsup:

Online Mil 34

We are all different mate, I have varied tastes too. The thing I like about kandice is she's a good laugh to. Not just a great shag lol. She's really easy to get along with, fluffy or what  ;)

No mate  :thumbsup: that's why got on with SJ and Olivia great fun.....
But mollie been top, of my list

Yet kandice.. just ain't been on my radar...
Funny thing punting

Offline Redevil86

Seeing her in the next 24 hours, try to see her once a month, nicest girl no doubt, don't panic Jonny, she will send you the code for gates etc, and make sure you tape gently on the correct room number, there was an issue with guys knocking the wrong door , to every one calling at any S P's apartment , double check you have the correct door before you knock, anyways, everyone to there own, you will leave smiling, I know I always do 👍

Good advice there red thanks :thumbsup:  hope you enjoy your time with her.
Another newby question. Where am I best parking as I'll be driving? Thanks

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