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Author Topic: Carmel - lush escorts - Birmingham  (Read 642 times)

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Online Littlefoot

Never used this agency before, but heard some good things about it, so decided to give it a go


Booked the day before, was told to ring the following morning for postcode. All very friendly and efficient. Arrived at the venue, one more call and I was given apartment number.

I paid £60 for 30 mins.

In the Digbeth area of Birmingham, a lot of small factories in the vicinity. Apartment not so clean (I've been in worse though). Bathroom was a shit hole, with a tiny bit of shower gel that had been watered down.

Carmel is a very tiny framed girl, possibly a size 6. With little droopy tits, which I found unattractive. Face not bad, dirty looking. That's a good word to describe her 'dirty'. She was friendly, and had no problem taking instructions. Apart from one. But seemed keen to please.

Carmel opened the door eventually, in black pants, black bra, and black stockings.

Told her I like a lot of kissing before I paid my fee. Paperwork out the way, wasn't offered shower or drink. No hardship. She wasn't the classy girl I was expecting, after viewing her pictures. If I'm truthful I found her a bit of a skank. She had a rough homemade tattoo on one arm.

We exchanged pleasantries, and I began to undress. Jumped on the bed, and was soon joined. (When Carmel got close and began kissing me there was a slight hint of BO. It was a very warm room.) Her lips were very dry, so I tried to lubricate them with my tongue. Kissing didn't last long enough for my liking.

Onto OWO. This weren't too bad, a little rushed and frantic at times with plenty of spitting. My cock and balls were drenched in her saliva. One thing  I found distasteful was all the time she was blowing me she was continually sniffing snot up as if she had a cold. But I seemed to forget this when she took it deep throat at times, with good eye contact. A bit of this and I'm about to pop, so I ask for 69.

She gets into position and dear me...... :vomit: she stinks down there. Like BO.  :vomit: even so I didn't have much choice other than to start licking. Would of looked really rude if I hadn't. But I was holding my nose to avoid the stench. She couldn't see me. Her pussy tasted of rubber. So I moved onto her butt hole.

At this stage she's frantically sucking and wanking me, trying to make me cum. I'm about to pop so ask for the rubber.

She gets on top for CG, which was useless. It's like she hasn't done it before. Instead of moving up and down, she was just wiggling around. I had enough of this so ask for doggy, which was worse.

The bed was quite short, and she was in a very awkward position, arching her back highly. So I'm unable to see her pussy. So she guides me in. It was so awkward, I told her twice to get down. Even pushing her back down, but she kept coming back into this impossible position for me. All this struggling eventually made me lose my erection. So I pulled out, whipped the hood off, and let her blow me off.

Next she does some very vigorous sucking and wanking, which made me pop in the end, a full load deposited in her mouth, which she immediately spat out all over my cock and balls.

Then up she jumps to get something to clean me up, and returns with a loo roll. Lol.

I'd only been in there just over 20 mins at this stage, so ask for a shower. She looks at her watch with a very moody look on her face. (I'm pretty sure the next punter was waiting). So I say I'll only be 5 mins.

Decent looking dirty face.
Nice tidy slim bod.
Half decent dirty BJ.

Stank upstairs and downstairs. Terrible hygiene!
Shit sex!
Constantly felt I was being rushed.
Kissing didn't last long enough!
Felt like I was on the conveyor belt.

This has been really tricky for me to rate. I have changed my mind a few times deciding. It was very very close to neutral for her attitude, friendliness, and decent BJ. But Carmel obviously doesn't wash between meets, and the hopeless sex, plus the other negs, I must make it a negative.

Offline ForexSlave

Yep. I saw her a while ago. Definitely has a dirty look. Asked for kissing, but only received a peck or two. Can also confirm the excessive spitting during OWO. At one point, I had to tell her to take it easy on the spitting. I was imagining all that saliva running down my shaft, and into my anus! Nasty.

The bedsheet was filthy. There were wet patches here and there. I did get into the 69 position with her, but I didn't go for oral. But, the actual sex in cowgirl was great. I asked her for a facial at the beginning, to which she agreed, but I cummed too soon whilst she was on top. After I busted, there was no conversation. Very awkward. I went into the bathroom, and washed my cock area which smelt of saliva and bubblegum. I think she was chewing gum before sucking me off.
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