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Author Topic: CandyBettyx - Leeds (Horsforth)  (Read 820 times)

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CandyBettyx - Horsforth

30mins - £60
Sat at work one morning when the all too familiar horn reared its ugly head. So took a quick look at AW to see if there was any girls working out of a well used flat very near to my work place. I've seen a couple of girls there recently and both have been great. Sure enough the usual profiles popped up then 3 non regular ones. A Romanian, a Nigerian, and a Polish lass. Binned the Romanian off sharpish, obviously, so was left with the other 2. I'd already seen the black lass so through process of elimination that left me with a 5'10" Amazonian woman with the biggest titties to have graced the screen of my phone in quite some time. Tit-tastic. Text fired off and a meeting arranged for a few hours later.

The action
Parked up on the street and let Betty know I'd arrived (plenty of parking available on the street) She texted me back asking to ring her for the door number. Minute later I'm walking through the door. It's not the most discreet entry but ah well.

First thing to hit me was her height. 6'2" in her heels no bother. Once in the ground floor room, which would of been a living room in a normal premises but has been made fit for purpose, she took her heels off to stand about my height, 5ft 10in which is stated on her profile. She has a sturdy frame but is by no means fat. Size 14? Possibly 16, but due to her height, carries it very well. Long black hair, hazel/brown eyes and overall a great look. Very well made out, nice makeup, not too much, all nails looking nice and smelt gorgeous. I like the Amazonian type every now and again and she fitted the bill perfectly.

We stood at the same height so stand up kissing was easy although not with tongues. Some mutual stroking then I was asked to lay on the bed. By this time she had stripped off her sexy negligee and we were both fully naked. I was laid down on my front. I'd decided to have a slow start otherwise I'd of blown in minutes due to my raging horn. Betty then delivered a sexy massage/stroking effort with her hands, tits and and mouth. Nice. I was then asked to turn over before she delivered more of the same whilst on my back before progressing to a tit wank between those delicious F cup boobs. The tit wank then progressed to oral. Betty didn't offer OWO, which I knew, but the condom was one of those Durex Invisible ones so it didn't matter too much, especially in a 30 min booking. She kept very good eye contact during this which, I think we all agree, makes it so much better. Especially as she has a pretty face and lovely eyes. Very minimal hand action, just all mouth with hands planted outside of my thighs. After a while of this I decided it was my turn to deliver some oral on her.

She laid on the bed and I positioned her so I could kneel on the floor to get the best angle of attack for me to go down on her freshly shaven pussy. I went for another kiss, still no tongue though, before kissing my way down her body. Smooth skin and had some sort of moisturiser on it. It smelt gorgeous. Stopped off at her tits for a massage and nipple licking/sucking.A great pair of heavy large boobs if I do say so. She clearly enjoyed this and made all the right noises which didn't seem fake. I arrived at her pussy and started lapping away. Tasted good too and nice and smooth. Not a stray hair in sight. Definitely just got out of the shower and no taste of wet wipe...she got very wet and made some appreciative noises and I thought I had her on the edge a few times. I could have continued with this I was having a right good old time but I'd clocked my watch and seen that we were 25 minutes gone so thought best we start fucking.

We both stood up and she asked where I wanted her, to which I replied "on top please". Quick check of the condom, which was still in place. I was well up for battle.  She then climbed on and impaled herself on me we were off. She fucked me like a champion jockey. Really went at it with her massive tits swinging in my face. I took hold of them and hung of for dear life while trying to shove as much tit into my mouth as I could, swapping between the 2. The mattress was coming off the bed and banging, the bed was moving all over and creaking like fuck, the headboard was banging the wall, we were making a right old racket. I then decided to put some work in from below and my up thrust was meeting her down thrust in the middle fucking the hell out of each other. I put my hand on her face and went for a kiss, slight bit of tongue this time before she realised. Hell of a sight watching her bouncing about on me. Tap on her arse and I suggested a change into missionary . Over we went and into a steady rhythm. I couldn't fuck her with as much vigour as she had me, I was knackered. I upped the pace and kissed her for a few seconds and noticed the perspiration on her face and chest which made her glisten. I was wanting a change again, into doggy with me standing at the end of the bed for a frantic pounding. I could feel the jelly legs about to start and I was close by now so I suggested i'd love to cover those lovely soft tits in cum. Absolutely, Betty said. More expert use of her chest before I erupted all over them. Quick tentative clean up with wet wipes and a bit of a natter getting dressed. Her English is excellent, no hassle communication wise. Shown to the door and I was on my way feeling grand.

Cracking time was had by both by the looks of it. She said she doesn't know if she's coming back to Horsforth but I'm sceptical. She says she can charge more in other cities. The Horsforth location isn't the best but it's handy for me. £60 & £100 she charged in Leeds so can't grumble. 3rd time I've been to these premises and always had a jolly good roll around with a fit lass. All in different rooms too. I've only the communal kitchen left to fuck in I think. Very handy location for me and I wouldn't rule out a return visit to a very much up for it curvy lass.

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