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Author Topic: AdultWork Private galleries, should we have a sticky topic to collate information on them?  (Read 811 times)

Offline Outcallguy


I've subscribed to 8 private galleries this year, always to check out the lady before I consider booking her. The problem is there isn't a good way to tell if there's going to be any decent pics in the gallery before you've wasted your money. It's exactly like a lottery scratch card!

Should we have a thread/section here where people can post links to the profiles and give a quick summary of if the gallery is any good/ has a face pic in?

What do you think?

For example

Has a fairly large PG with one photo entitled face pic
However there is not a single decent picture of her in the gallery, leaving you with no idea about her breasts etc.
Worse still the face pic is just her holding a painting in front of her head!

A complete waste of money.

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline zootie

Not a bad idea
But WGs change their galleries regularly
Either by uploading new pics or deleting old ones
So not sure how easy it would be to keep it accurate and up to date
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Offline Jimmyredcab

Not a very good idea in my opinion, it would be too hard to find the relevant information for your area, I would not be interested in a useless gallery in Glasgow or Newcastle.
My advice, only buy PG's at £2 or less and only from girls you are very keen to book, I only spend £5 a month on Adultwork.  :thumbsup:

Offline Outcallguy

It wouldn't really have to be up to date.
As an initial review eg 38 photos "photo labelled face pic is unclear and useless" would warn others not to pay.
If the gallery was updated and there were loads of new photos added then we could easily double check and amend the review, if it was required.

Offline zootie

If you use PGs a lot it might be worth a shot
I only choose WGs with a clear face pic in their public gallery
As long as from the free pics I can get a good idea of her body shape I don't see the need to fork out on a PG
If I'm not happy with what I see I move on
I don't pander to girls who charge you to see their pics


I've not got much experience but I have wasted about £20 looking for face pics on profiles where you just get legs or shots of her up to the neck.  Even if it was just 'no face pics in  /123456's PG' would be a help as I wouldn't book someone I haven't seen the face of!

Verification photos are worth a look especially if they haven't deleted the ones that don't show them in a great light yet! Like this one:

Don't want to give her indoors that coldsore :0

Offline mh

Verification photos are worth a look especially if they haven't deleted the ones that don't show them in a great light yet! Like this one:

Don't want to give her indoors that coldsore :0

Oh my lord, she looks like she's in withdrawal. £70 for an hour with anal and bareback for an extra £20.  :scare:

A coldsore would not be what I feared most from her!

Offline Daffodil

I agree it's bloody annoying when you pay for a pg and the pics are piss poor, but I'm not sure it can be addressed properly using the forum.

Perhaps you could just leave some neutral feedback for them saying their pics are shit. That could open you open to a malicious 'punter note' though  :scare:

Offline Outcallguy

We could just have a similar page to the ones we do our reviews on.
It's not like the reviews are always up to date as girls change their profiles, prices and move on!

Photos - good and bad and then sorted by area, exactly like the reviews are.

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