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Author Topic: Moanna - kings cross  (Read 276 times)

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Offline Rekbang

Location: 3 min walk from kings cross station.

Comms: phoned and asked what service she does, she said everything and then asked how much she said 120 for half an hour, i shut the phone on her bec her profile said 80 for half an hour. 2 mins later she messaged and said 80 for half an hour; i agreed and she sent me her address. When i reached there she was like 90 for half an hour..i was like i have 80, yes or no. She goes okay.

Girl: she looked very pretty i must say and her body was nice but her tits looked old, i dont know how to describe them but they weren't wrinkly or hairy but just looked like she hadn't washed herself. She didn't smell bad but she hairy arm pits which is a big turn off. She was wearing a shirt when i gave the money.. if i saw that arm pit. I would have walked off. moving on, she was proper high, she didnt know what she was doing or saying.

She had a nice attitude and spoke excellent english. She said she was born here which i do believe.

Services: she said she cant give OWO for 80 pounds..she was standing there waiting for me to do stuff to her. Like im her escort. I was like.dont be shy, i took her shirt off and saw the hairy arm pit and i was like dafuq, i tried to ignore it so i went to kiss her, so i was french kissing her and she was getting turned on. She was like, you're the best kisser and she told me.to carry on. She was pleasing herself, she was very wet but i was like her escort. So i still don't have a boner bec its me touching her up. I fingered her whilst kissing her and she moaned really loud, i think she had a orgasm. Then i was like its your turn, she spat on my dick and started sucking it with condom. Oh i forgot to mention she was so high, she didn't even know how to put a fucking condom on. She was like, how do i do this. I put the condom on my dick and she gave an ok bj. I wanted to fuck but she was on the bed lying like a dead body. I was like i want to go. I don't want to cum. She was like okay, see you again. I wore my.clothes and left.

£80 wasted.

Positives: she was a good girl, who had good attitude and thats it.

Negatives: everything was bad including my day.

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3322033 or https://www.adultwork.com/moanna -

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Offline paul_b_1977

Thanks for the review - suspect I will avoid in future

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