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Author Topic: Bella / Jina FBSM - Birmingham  (Read 655 times)

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Offline rob75


Just a short review. £80 B2B.

Flat at the Tesco end of Granville Street.

Was a bit disappointed with this one. Bella is pretty, as in the pictures, and has a good body with lovely tits, although she looks her age (early 40s I think) when she opens up her curtains. Nice enough to talk to overall, but she came across as a little disinterested at times. Complained about being tired a few times - maybe she'd had a long day.

B2B massage with hot oil was ok but much less erotic than I'd been hoping for. Didn't grind her pussy into me it at all, and didn't seem keen on me touching her. Others have suggested FS is on offer - it certainly wasn't for me on my visit. Worst bit though was the handjob to finish - time was ticking on and she was tugging away furiously to finish me off. Very painful at times - thought she was going to rip my foreskin.

Would have been a neutral up until the happy ending. Shame, as I'd been looking forward to seeing her.

Offline Mij

Yeah, she can be a bit hit and miss sometimes I have found, although not as bad as this.

Was it early in morning or late in evening?


Offline rob75

About 6pm. She said she'd had a busy day and that she still had a few clients to come, so she probably just wanted me out.

Offline normski

I've seen Bella a fair few occasions and never had a problem with her, last time being a year ago so things may have changed. If you're after a good massage, bella's not top of the list when compared with the other Thai ladies. But, she does have a calm and 'easy to get on with' personality and very talkative - get to know her life stories soon enough.

As for does she offer FS, it was available when I used to visit her.....though, I'd settle for OW instead of the HE.

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