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Author Topic: sexy_anax (Old Street)  (Read 1447 times)

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Offline LL

https://www.adultwork.com/2188140 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy%5Fanax

Thanks to new member Bandit-400 for bringing this one to my attention (keep 'em coming mate :))

Ana is Romanian, petite and fit as fuck, just like in the pics. I've decided that at times I can easily have a satisfying punt with a girl offering very limited services as long as she's smoking hot and delivers said services with gusto and a smile.

No kissing was allowed and oral was covered. Neither of those were a surprise to me. What was surprising though is that I didn't find myself in a ghetto in which I would fear for my own safety (as some people have commented about the working flats located within ugly ex-council tower blocks of Old Street. It felt safe enough to me. I was there early evening - just turning dark when l exited. A lot of city workers and commuters were still milling around and making their way home. The other surprise was her manner and friendliness. Oh and all her piercings!  Pierced clit, back, midriff. I stopped counting - perhaps she has more.

Comms - all good (I booked by text); the girl - pretty in her girl-next-door kind of way, hair a little shorter than in the pics, worn up but I could see it was two shades with a darker colour underneath, imperfect teeth which doesn't bother me; exactly the body shape I was in the mood for. When she spread herself out on the bed and opened her legs for me to lick her pussy at my request I had to step back for a moment and take a mental snapshot. It reminded me of a typical centrefold spread of many a pornmag I would collect in my youth. They often featured cute and petite girls, usually EE looking. I've spent my punting career trying to meet such girls due to the mental imaginary etched into my brain from a young and impressionable age. I blame Club magazine for my punting addiction :)

So I licked Ana's pussy (nice n fresh) then she rubbered me up for 69. This was good - nice n slow. All mouth at her end of the deal, no funny business with her trying to make me cum early with her hand :). She didn't mind my tongue slipping into her arsehole as well as her pussy. After 10 minutes of this she hopped off and asked me what position I wanted. So don't expect someone completely submissive if you go see her. She's very involved in the punt, not just laying there like the last Romanian girl I reviewed.

We had sex in a few different positions. It was somewhat frustrating not being able to kiss her mouth but she didn't mind me kissing her neck and sucking her tits. She took a hard pounding towards the end. I came when she was riding on top in cowgirl (another mental image that I hope stays in the wank bank for a while).

14 review(s) found for sexy_anax linked to in above post (13 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Was a regular of hers until one day on top I must have pulled away too quickly and saw what can only be described as a look of disgust on her face, eye closed, wincing, waiting for it to be over. Soon as she saw me she smiled and got back into character. I played it off like I didn't notice but it properly killed the illusion for me and I haven't felt like going back

Not her fault, very unfortunate for me though

Why did god make me so gross  :cry:

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she has No black guys on her profile - How did you manage to fool her LL?

Offline punther

she has No black guys on her profile - How did you manage to fool her LL?


Had my eye on this un' for a while

Offline LL

she has No black guys on her profile - How did you manage to fool her LL?
She makes an exception for famous 1990's rappers-turned-TV-stars?

You obviously showed up with your boom box blasting 'Around The Way Girl' and she couldn't resist

Offline paul_b_1977

She makes an exception for famous 1990's rappers-turned-TV-stars?

Lol  :lol:

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